Emerald Order paved the way…
Gold Order sets the standards.
Ruby Order paves MORE ways…
Amethyst Order spreads the JoY!!!!!

Artist: Endre Balogh
****Gold Order Melchizedek Sri Yantra (Artist: Endre Balogh)
the pearls are the eyes. the dna strands the nose. the bowl of jewels the mouth. and the pyramids the tears.
****Melchizedek Ascension Meditation Template Channeled by Anna MerKaBa
Universal Alchemy
****Universal Alchemy (Source: Jain 108 Mathemagics)

Goals of the Gold Order Melchizedek Collective

  1. Allow for humanity to democratically decide whether or not it should enact the Protocols of the Alpha Group Angelic Order Within the Kingdom of Heaven on our Earth, “EARTH PЯIME“.
  2. Encourage humanity to empower Ascended Master Maitreya’s White Cloud to emancipate the “cc: Global Equality Succession and Reconciliation Act“.
  3. If enacted, allow Ascended Master Maitreya’s White Cloud to help the King and Queen of Shambhala to establish the Protocols of the Omega Group Omni-Angelic Order.
  4. Enable each Hue-man Angelic Soul to discover where they belong within the Alpha and Omega Orders so that they can partake in the objective of their own Divine Blueprint.

Planetary Ascension, the Evolution of Our Souls, and the Arrival of the Kingdom of Heaven