The Attributes of Chohan, Seraphim and Sephiroth Consciousness

version 2018.07.07

This document illustrates the attributes of Chohan, Seraphim and Sephiroth consciousness/personality that humanity and the Chohan, Seraphim and Sephiroth Angels themselves will have to embrace. Chohan consciousness uphold the foundational consciousness of the Local Universe Kingdom of Heaven. Seraphim consciousness uphold the foundational consciousness of the structure of all of Creation. Sephiroth consciousness possess the foundational consciousness that deliver and embrace change. There are 15 Sephiroth Angels listed in the Alpha Protocols stationed in each energy center of the Organic Krystic Tree of Life in order to commence Christos Realignment. Once completed, Tae Seol (LORD Sananda) will be Christened and become the next Son of God (KRYST), the next husband of Christos Sophia, the 13th Reuche Pillar of Creation and cement the completion of the construction of the Local Universe Kingdom of Heaven.

The Goals of Outer Creation Polarity Integration Consciousness (Chohans) Within The Local Universe Kingdom of Heaven

DD0 White Hold Mind – Akasha (Base Chakra): C***** Y* (Amerissis)
Polaric: +Loyalty / -Insensitivity ⇒ Eckatic: +Devotion (Responsibility)

DD1 Subconscious Mind (Root Chakra): Jeffrey T*** (El Morya)
Polaric: +Life / -Ego ⇒ Eckatic: Heaven (Faith, Protection, God’s Will)

DD1.5 Air (Root / Sacral Chakra): A****** K*********** (Lanello)
Quadrivial Polarity: ±Heaven / ±Devotion ⇒ Eckatic: Authority & Obedience

DD2 Instinctual / Emotional Mind (Sacral Chakra): M**** (Mark) C*** (Lord Lanto)
Polaric: +Desire / -Loyalty ⇒ Eckatic: -Devotion (Wisdom, Illumination, Constancy)

DD2.5 Fire (Sacral / Solar Plexus Chakra): Emma ? (Rose of Light)
Quadrivial Polarity: ±Expression / ±Devotion ⇒ Eckatic: Sacrifice

DD3 Reasoning Mind (Solar Plexus Chakra): Paul Y** (Paul the Venetian)
Polaric: +Joy / -Boredom ⇒ Eckatic: Expression (Love, Adoration, Gratitude)

DD3.5 Water (Solar Plexus / Heart Chakra): J******* M******** (Lady Leto)
Quadrivial Polarity: ±Expression / ±Balance: ⇒ Eckatic: Necessity

DD4 Astral Mind (Heart Chakra): D**** H***** G**** (Serapis Bey)
Polaric: +Free Will / -Desire ⇒ Eckatic: Balance (Purity, Harmony, Poise)

DD4.5 Earth (Heart / Throat Chakra): S**** B**** C**** (Tabor)
Quadrivial Polarity: ±Balance / ±Excitement ⇒ Eckatic: Constancy

DD5 Archetypal Mind (Throat Chakra): M****** O**** (Hilarion)
Polaric: +Love / -Cultivation ⇒ Eckatic: Excitement (Truth, Healing, Science)

DD6 Angelic / Celestial Mind (Third Eye Chakra): J**** L*** R********* (Lady Nada)
Eckatic: Devotion (Peace, Ministration, Service)

DD7 Ketheric Mind (Crown Chakra): G***** M***** (Count Saint Germaine)
Eckatic: Perfection (Freedom, Mercy, Transmutation)

DD8 Monadic Mind (Thymus Chakra): M***** J********* (The Maha Chohan)
Eckatic: Free Will (Power, Wisdom, Love, Purity, Healing, Service, Freedom)

The Traits of Remote Universe Outer Creation Seraphim Consciousness/Personality

DD1 Subconscious Mind (Root Chakra): Jeffrey T*** (El Morya)
Polaric: +Life / -Death

DD2 Instinctual / Emotional Mind (Sacral Chakra): Enigma Raven (Christos Sophia)
Polaric: +Curiosity / -Misadventure

DD3 Reasoning Mind (Solar Plexus Chakra): M**** C****** G***** (Lady Master Lotus)
Polaric: +Purpose / -Lack of Trust

DD4 Astral Mind (Heart Chakra): J**** M******** (Maitreya)
Polaric: +Dreams / -Delusions

DD5 Archetypal Mind (Throat Chakra): J**** K*** (Kuthumi)
Polaric: +Mission Orientation / -Issuing and Following Mandates

DD6 Angelic / Celestial Mind (Third Eye Chakra): J*** W*** (The Tao Gatherer)
Eckatic Trinity: +Time Travel / =Team Organization / -Communal Unfamiliarity

DD7 Ketheric Mind (Crown Chakra): D***** L******* (The Divine Director)
Polaric: +Detachment / -Mystery

The Traits of Inner Creation Seraphim Consciousness/Personality

DD8 Monadic Mind (Thymus Chakra): T** S*** (Sananda)
Polaric: +Free Will / -Self Doubt ⇒ Polaric Symmetry: Confidence in Free Will / Free Will in Confidence

DD9 Keratric Mind (Thalamus Chakra): G** C**** (Sunat Hunab Kumara)
Eckatic Trinity: +Compassion / =Confidence / -Power

DD10 Christiac Mind (Galactic I Chakra): M***** J********* (The Maha Chohan)
Eckatic: Creativity

DD11 Buddhiac Mind (Galactic II Chakra): S******* M******* (Gautama)
Eckatic: Loyalty

DD12 Nirvanic Mind (Earth Star Chakra): T******* T****** (Krishna)
Eckatic: Innocence

DD13 Particum Mind (Earth Core Chakra)
Eckatic: J**** L** (Lord Metatron) +Embracing Hope
Eckatic: C***** L** (The Holy Spirit) -Embracing Change

DD14 Partiki Mind (Universal I Chakra): C***** L** (Allah)
Eckatic: Trustworthiness

DD15 Partika Mind (Universal II Chakra): L******* S* (LORD Melchizedek)
Eckatic: Righteousness

DD16-DD18 Energetic Mind (Yunasai Matrix): G***** M***** (Count St. Germaine)
Eckatic Trinity: +Freedom / =Progression / -Revision

The Traits of Sephiroth Consciousness/Personality

White Cloud / Kalkiel: Chung Way Lao
Polaric: +Confidence in Power / -Samael ⇒ Eckatic: Power in Confidence

Eckatic: Hope

Eckatic: Trust

Serapis Bey: D**** H***** G****
Polaric: +Structure / -Deception ⇒ Eckatic: Foundation

Lilith / Venus: A******* J****
Polaric: +Compassion / -Self-Doubt ⇒ Polaric Symmetry: Confidence in Compassion / Compassion in Confidence

YAHWEH: J**** K***
Polaric: +Mission Orientation / -Chaos ⇒ Eckatic: Peace

Samael / Sunat Hunab Kumara: G** C****
Polaric: +Power in Confidence / -Yeshua ⇒ Eckatic: Confidence in Power

J**** M******** (Maitreya South)
Polaric: +Love / -Sacrifice ⇒ Eckatic: Loyalty

J**** J. W*** (Maitreya North)
Polaric: +Trust / -Ego ⇒ Eckatic: Faith

LORD Surya/Siraya/Surea (Alpha-): Henry Y***
Polaric: +Knowledge / -Issuing Mandates

LORD Korea/Kuwaya/Kurea (Omega-): Jeanne C***
Polaric: +Oneness / -Issuing Mandates

Mother Mary the Holy Spirit aka Christos Sophia: Enigma Raven
Polaric: +Mother / -Daughter ⇒ Eckatic: Quan Yin the Virgin Mary (Wisdom)

Lady Portia / Zadkiel: Amy T*** D******
Polaric: +Love / -Quan Yin ⇒ Eckatic: Justice

The Ante-Christ: Jeffrey T***
Polaric: +Quan Yin / -Gambling ⇒ Eckatic: Salvation

LORD Sananda: T** S***
Polaric: +Joy / -Quan Yin ⇒ Eckatic: Perfection

The Divine Father & The Divine Mother (Quadriviality of The Only Begotten Son/Daughter)
White Cloud (Chung Way Lao): +Devotion ⇒ =LOVE
Quan Yin (Enigma Raven): =JOY ⇒ +Desire

Planetary Ascension, the Evolution of Our Souls, Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, and the Arrival of the Kingdom of Heaven