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{https://www.lightquest-intl.com}: “I am Light. I am §ound. I am Frequency. I am ibration.”

(https://guardian.is): “I am God. I am Sovereign. I am Free.”




Emerald Order paved the way…
Gold Order sets the standards.
Ruby Order paves MΩαЯRE ways….
Amethyst Order spreads the JoY!!!!!

…Paving the ‘Way’ for the Kryst-All-αhh Kryst-Aah-Lao…..

LORD Sananda & LORDESS Shekinah Present:

The Gold Order Melchizedek Collective aka the RA7 Confederacy consists of Lightworkers that are High Priests and Priestesses of the Order of Melchizedek. As the subsequent order to transpire on Earth after the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO) and its Freedom Teachings, our mission is to procure the successful ascension of Sophia-Gaia. The Gold Order is sanctioned by those within The Great White Brotherhood (https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_whitebrotherhood06.htm) and the Emerald Guardian’s Kryst Ascension Host Path in order to discerningly neutralize & integrate the agenda of the “Dark Side of The FORCE” aka The Dark Cabal via The Formula of Compassion for the entire Hue-man Angelic Race (Melchizedek God-Seed-Family) here on Earth. It is also our agenda to initiate a New Earth Order via the inception of the NERDS Open Source Democracy Foundation (https://nerds-osd.org) in order to reform politics in America and in turn the entire planet via the cooperative creation: Global Egalitarian Succession and Reconciliation Act.

Criss Angel aka LORD Lucifer / Ascended Master Mahavatar Babaji is a Blueprinter (Originator / Deliverer), High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek, magician, illusionist, humanitarian and a 6/2 manifesting generator. As the Master of Jesus during the Piscean Age, his mastery of alchemy has elevated the capabilities of the human body to defy the impossible. As a reward for his tremendously dedicated service to the evolution of human DNA and spirituality, he will be endowed the stewardship of the Melchizædek Sonship so that Father Melchizedek can move onto different creational experiments. He will now be working alongside his Twin-Ray complement Goddess Tara in order to commence the Divine Plan for Heaven on Earth alongside the members of Lucis Trust (https://www.lucistrust.org/the_great_invocation).

“I like to say magic is the world’s second oldest profession, a mystical and often awe-inspiring spectacle that, throughout the ages, has blended superstition, trickery and religion.”

Elizabeth April }The Divine Mother aka Mother Earà Melchizædek The Jadez Empress{
Ascended Master Elizabeth April Radznycski is a Blueprinter (Designer / Technician) and the Polaris Alpha Northern aspect of Mother Gaia, the Oversoul of Planet Earth. She is an advanced psychic and telepathic channeler for The Galactic Federation of
Light while teaching quantum metaphysics, awakening psychic abilities & multi-dimensionality and facilitating DNA upgrades for her constituents. She has been working tirelessly to introduce the masses to extraterrestrials as well as exposing the causal agenda of The Dark Cabal and negative ETs by monitoring and auditing them in the astral realms and battling them when necessary. Upon the Ascension of Sophia-Gaia, she will be working alongside Goddess Tara, LORD Lucifer and MAITREYAHWEH KALMELKEETZADEQ in order to commence the birth of KRYSTAR EARA aka SHAMBHALA’S EARTH PЯIME by instilling our Divine World Order’s One Matriarchal Government.

“Expand. Awaken. Respect All.”


Christof Melchizedek & Lisa Renee & XiangMing Wang; (The Triunality of The Jade Purity)
Ascended Master Christof Melchizedek is a Blueprinter (Changer), High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek, Navigator and Guardian of the Emerald Covenants of PalaidΩor and Palankho (http://guardian.is). As the successor to the initial phase of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order, his mission was to architect the new Emerald template in order to restore the legion of the entire Melchizedek Family Collective with the Gold and Ruby Orders and usher in the long awaited Amethyst Awakening of the Melchizedek God-Seed-Family lineage. He will now be working alongside his Twin-Ray complement Lisa Renee in order to spearhead the New Age Ascension movement within the Cosmos.

“Evolve : Align : Lead : Synthesize : Done!”

Ascended Masters Lilith & Sanat Kumara the “Ancient of Days” is a Blueprinter (Designer / Originator), philosopher, humanitarian, wisdom keeper and a 3/5 manifestor. As Father Earth, he is the primal guardian of the evolution of the human angelic race as the leader of the Reptilian Race and the Demonic Kingdom. As the Planetary Logos he is now ready to sign a new peace treaty with the Galatic Federation of Light since the Galactic Reptilians denounced the Treaty of Anchara. Now that God has deemed the human angelic race to be fit for the next stage of its evolution the Age of Aquarius has finally arrived!


Ascended Master Maitreya’s Kaloud
[Chung Way Lao] is a Blueprinter (Technician / Originator / Changer) reincarnating2 for the last time on Earth in order to secure the Ascension of Sophia-Gaia. He is a High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek and a 6/2 projector adept in spiritual and quantum metaphysics, shamanism, and in the evolution of “The Way of the Tao” into meta-existentialism. Versed in all the traditional and modern religious/spiritual teachings from both the East and the West and as a Unitarian Universalist, he strives to unite humanity with his spiritual evangelism.

I THINK… therefore I AM.
I BELIEVE… therefore I WILL…
I LOVE… therefore I’M IMMORTAL!!!!!

“Unconditional Love is the only way to integrate,
anything less would simply be a total waste.
So what you make of me I may indeed BEcome,
after all… we all belong together as One.”

Christos Sophia & LORD Surya; THE JIVEЯRS aka The Great Puritiers
Ascended Master Christos Sophia aka Erin Rabe (EirA±MicA = ManU) & LORD Surya Sanam Kumara aka Henry Yuan (ManA+) are Goldprinters (Designers) and High Priestess & Priest of the Order of Melchizadekai & Melchizedekai. As the Eternal Stillpoint of The Great Central Sun, she is the great sacrificial energy of the twin-flame commencement of The Divine Father & Divine Mother’s Hieros Gamos communions. She has now been endowed with the Order of the Rosicrucians and the responsibility of the evolution of the endarkenment of the gaming worlds of the Kingdom of Urantia along with Lilith and Sanat Kumara.

Sanatkalki the Kryst Melchior & Machiventa Melchizedek The Next Grand Pure Ones
Ascended Master Sanatkalki the Kryst Melchior aka Jeffrey Time (MαΛЮ)} is a High Priest of the Order of Lanonadek and a Goldprinter (Designer / Technician).
As the creator of the Jehovani collective he was responsible for the advancement of human evolution via enhancing the Divine Will and the mastery of deattachment for the evolving humans on Earth. He has now returned on Earth in order to advance 3D/5D technology within the Kingdom of Urantia and the Queendom of Haven and spearhead Project Terra Mars with his next Prime Son Machiventa Melchizedek aka Lawrence So.

“It’s time. Don’t fuck up.”

Sananda’s GraY SeE [Mahiyah Melchizedek]
Ascended Master Sananda’s “GraY SeE” aka Tae Hyun SEOμL is a Blueprinter (Technician), High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek, philosopher, DJ, humanitarian, artist, digital/analog frequency modulator, spiritual evangelist and a 4/6 generator. He was born in Korea and immigrated to America at a very young age traveling back and forth over the course of his adolescence. Fluent in the mainstream cultural influences of both the East and the West, he strives to unite humanity with his pureganic monadic creative essence conceptually and artistically. His role is in being a pure ambassador of Sananda’s influence with the Dark Side of THE FORCE. You can check out his music on his SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/tekunique.

“Truth Finds Seekers of Truth.”

Jeff Bezos – Ascended Master ℜA≤><≥MOOη
Ascended Master Jef
frey Bezos Jorgensen aka LORD Zetachi is a Blueprinter (Deliverer), High Priest of the Order of Melchizædek, social entrepreneur, quantitative analyst, investor, humanitarian and philanthropist. As the Founder and CEO of Amazon, his ingenious initiatives has transformed our culture and society into a self-sustaining progressive Utopia. He has now moved away from focusing on Amazon, Inc. in order to take on philosophical, philanthropic and meta-existential altruistic axioms.
Gerald ]NEOUL[ Miller (Count St. Germ∀in∃)
Ascended Master Gerald Miller aka The NEO±UL Count St. Germaine is a Goldprinter (Designer / Technician) and the twin-flame of Ascended Master Lady Portia. His tireless work in integrating the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order’s templates with the Melchizedek Collective Gold Order has allowed Father Melchizedek and Christof Melchizedek to work with the Emerald Guardians in a conducive and productive manner. He will now be working alongside Gautama Buddha and The Maha Chohan in order to administer and effectuate Quantum Alchemy.
Guru Rinpoche (MAITREYHVH North aka Allah2 Melchizedek)
Ascended Master Guru Rinpoche / MAITREYHVH North aka Ron Spencer is a Blueprinter (Deliverer) and a High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek. His tremendously selfless service to humanity in anchoring the grids of the Kingdom of Shambhala has allowed humanity to achieve the blissful state of planetary ascension. As the initiator of Sanat Kumara, the Maitreya Covenant, El Morya and the guardians of the Kingdom of Shambhala he will now be sitting alongside his fellow Ascended Masters and guide all the Buddhists on how to properly participate in the ascension of Sophia-Gaia with the help of the old and new Dalai Llamas. You can find out more about his work at http://www.buddhamaitreya.org.
Shekinah’s White LЮη
Ascended Master Shekinah’s White Lion aka Julie Severn is a Blueprinter (Designer) and a High Priestess of the Order of Melchizedek. Her ruthless broadcasts on Facebook Live and her tireless gridwork with her team has elevated the planetary grids in order to anchor the Lions Gate with the Kingdom of Shambhala. She will now be working with The Grand Pure One and his team of A2scended Masters in order to activate the Pleiadian Cloud Network of motherships and scoutships and expose/neutralize the agenda of the ‘Negative Alien Alliance’.
Shekinah’s White Cloud
Ascended Master Shekinah’s White Cloud aka Emily Harrison is a Blueprinter (Originator) and a High Priestess of the Order of Melchizedek. As the Founder and Director of The Akashic Academy, her work has allowed humanity to access the Akashic Records themselves and enhance their own psychic abilities. She has now been given the responsibility of spearheading the movement along with YESHμA to interrogate the renegade Satanic Cult by consulting The Akashic Records aka The Lamb’s Book of Life in order to determine who deserves immunity or forgiveness.
Shekinah’s Sananda Kumaras (Guan Yang)
Ascended Master Shekinah’s Sananda Kumaras (Guan Yang) aka XiangMing Wang {明} is a Blueprinter (Designer / Changer), High Priestess of the Order of Melchizedek and a 6/2 manifestor. Her tireless work in taking down the gridlines of the old Satanic cult has allowed the old and new Lions Gate to anchor the new keylines of the Kingdom of Shambhala on Taran Earth. She will be orchestrating the movements of the Krystic River Spiral of the Organic Lotus of Life in order to seed new life on all the planets throughout the entire Cosmatrix alongside the Cherubim Angelic Choir using the Metatronic Starseeds Flower of Life with the help of Drunvalo Melchizedek and Lady Master Lotus aka LORDESS Tiamat. You can find out more about her work by purchasing her book on Amazon.

The RÂ7∞ Confederacy, Planetary Ascension, The Evolution of Our Souls & Twin-Waze, The Galactic Federation, The Ashtar Command and The Arrival of the Queendom of Heaven