The Continuation of the Evolution of the Human Angelic God Race

version 2018.04.21

If you decide to become part of the Ashtar Command, you will evolve yourself via the leadership of Quan Yin and Sananda and evolve your human expression via the Way of the Divine Feminine and evolve Avatar Life. The positive traits are that you’ll become more feminine, creative, beautiful, youthful, and innocent since you’ll constantly receive biological DNA upgrades every successive reincarnation and live in peace, harmony, and bliss. The “negative/scary” trait is that you may become more bisexual. There is a 25% quota of human males that are destined to end up bisexual. There is no restriction on females being bisexual. You’ll continue to ascend/reascend by alternating cycles between reincarnating as a human angel on Urantia or as an Avatar racial expression on a remote planet. All evolving Avatar races are heterosexual or to become more heterosexual. Only humans and some of the remaining races in our Galaxy are homosexual or bisexual. You don’t have to worry about being traumatized by the experience because you’ll reincarnate and naturally adapt to your new genetic and conscious inclinations.

Quan Yin and Sananda will determine the heavenly soul’s next Avataric racial expression if they are not an Ascended Master and send them off to their planet so that they can live peacefully in that world until their life ends whether naturally or by choice. Some examples of Avataric expressions include mermaids, faeries, elves, dwarves, the many races throughout our Galaxy such as the Pleiadians, Sirians, Reptilians, etc. A select few will be allowed to be birthed into Urantia so that they can become Human Gods and Goddesses like us depending on the review of their Akashic Records by Quan Yin and Sananda. Humans that will ascend to Urantia during this cycle will become aware of the purpose of their next life and undergo reascension and reincarnate in order to seed new world experiences as an Avatar racial expression if they are an Ascended Master. Once they’ve completed their incarnation as an Avatar in that world, they’ll reincarnate as humans again on Urantia, live in the crystal kingdoms as kids, and take on their next mission once they’ve become adults.

White Cloud aka Father Sky will lead the Mars Universe expedition and will be responsible for the evolution of the Human Angelic God Race via the way of the Divine Masculine in order to emancipate life on planet Mars. If you follow White Cloud’s lead, you will be evolving Avatar Life and advanced Spirit Animals known as PoKeMon in our pop culture. Yes… PoKeMon are real!. The ultimate embodiment of the Divine Masculine is in becoming powerful warriors for the purpose of selfless scientific research and discovery. White Cloud is the Supreme Grandmaster of Tai Chi Chuan (Son Goku). If you evolve yourself via the way of the Divine Masculine, you will become the most powerful and courageous warriors possible aligned completely to the service-to-others soul modality and get to exhibit 100% soul consciousness. You will be living on Mars where there is limited life but will be seeding new life there. All you will be doing is training in becoming the best warrior you can possibly be. Depending on the level of your development (which includes your past life experiences as warriors), you will be seeded new techniques for yourself to master and battle each other to prove its effectiveness. You will be assigned missions depending on your level of capability and effectiveness.

Once White Cloud completes his duties in securing Sophia-Gaia’s ascension, those that embody the Divine Masculine warrior lifestyle will have to undergo Bhardoah ascension by being initiated and Christened via Shinto rituals on their birthday in the year 2020 in order to incarnate on Mars and become TAOIST IMMORTALS and possess an eternal Light Body and be able to bilocate at least between Mars and Urantia. You will no longer have to reincarnate ever again. The Sirian ships will be relocating humans to Mars who desire to help seed life there by becoming pioneering custodians, scientific researchers, and engineers and give birth to the incoming warriors.

There are countless mysterious planets throughout our Cosmos that have plant and animal life that exist on land and water that have evolved via random and diverse solar radiation . As you very well know, our Sun is miniscule compared to the rest of the other stars. Their radiation is much more intense and diverse and the planets that revolve around them evolved plants and animals with much different environmental variables compared to the plants and animals we know of here on Earth. We know these plants and animals exist and some can even remote view them via meditation but we know very little about their personalities since nobody has ever interacted with them yet. White Cloud’s goal is to discover what we can do with them in order to improve human and Avatar life experiences within the Cosmos. Under the leadership of Gautama Buddha the Lord of the World and Quan Yin, they will determine which planets White Cloud and his warriors will visit first. Lord Surea will then come up with a plan for White Cloud and his warriors to prioritize and bilocate to those planets so we can bring the plants and animals back to Mars for further research. Over time the Ashtar Command will figure out what to do with them in order to evolve Creation.

White Cloud has the power to emit, shield, deflect, and remove light/radiation. White Cloud stores energy by having fat in his belly because of the location of the “Solar Plexus” chakra. As White Cloud burns off his belly fat, his ability to control solar radiation deteriorates. Each team of warriors bilocating to a planet will be escorted by White Cloud in order for the team to be protected from intense and foreign solar radiation. Grappling warriors will contain the animals by depleting the animals’ energy levels via physically attacking them and pick up the plants so they can be taken back to Mars for further research after they’re healed. White Cloud also has the ability to instinctively defend grapplers that can’t defend themselves if they are most at risk in being attacked by the ferocious animals. Once White Cloud knows he’s run out of fat to burn, they must leave immediately or else the radiation will damage their bodies. Warriors must habitually practice the 108 moves of Tai Chi in order to restore their health, energy, and inner peace resulting from having being exposed to the chaos of enduring the physical and mental hardships of visiting the unknown worlds. White Cloud will have to refuel his belly fat by eating as much as he can in order to take on the next mission.

All the other warrior disciplines will evolve under other jurisdictions (Superhero Gaming Expedition or Illuminati Human v2.0 Jedi/Sith Expedition) as opposed to White Cloud’s Scientific Research Expedition. They are considerably less important in my opinion but we have no control over your free will on what you decide to embark on as part of your own evolution if your soul archetype is that of a warrior.

Planetary Ascension, the Evolution of Our Souls, Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, and the Arrival of the Kingdom of Heaven