cc: Global Equality Succession and Reconciliation Act

version 2020.11.11

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Q&A format based on Google’s Project 10^100 submission form.

Name of Idea:
cc: Global Equality Succession and Reconciliation Act

One sentence that best describes your idea:
The goal of cooperative creation: GESARA is to cooperatively establish a global initiative that will emancipate unitarian world justice and stability for our entire planet and deliver righteous social and economic endowments via The Three Pure Ones’ Divine Plan for Heaven on Earth.

Describe your idea in more depth:

What problem or issues does your idea address?
Establishing unitarian world justice and stability, eliminating global debt and poverty, making global economic parity a reality, addressing immediate socioeconomic problems, emancipating the equality of all Hue-mans as sovereign galactic citizens, and preparing our planet for the Ascension during the current Stellar Activation Cycle.

If your idea were to become a reality, who would benefit the most and how?
The underprivileged and victimized people on our planet would benefit the most as their financial situation and quality of life will improve drastically. Subsequently, all of humanity will benefit once they’re presented with the opportunity to ascend.

What are the initial steps required to get this idea off the ground?

      • Allow The 8 Horsemen of the Apocalypse to emancipate unitarian world justice and stability with the help of the United Nations and Kryon and have every single country on Earth renounce all political and military conflicts with one another and entertain the possibility of instilling regime change in some countries.
      • Anoint Ascended Master Ashtar (Vincent Nalbone) as the next President of the United States in order to ground the energies of New Jerusalem and extend a continuum of contact and cooperation with the Pleiadian Council of Divine Light.
      • Create a monetary trust fund that will be procured by The NERDS Political Party and managed by Richard Ginsberg and Count Saint Germaine (Gerald Miller) in order to dissolve global debt and poverty, procure global economic parity, address immediate short-term socioeconomic problems, and procure Monoatomic Ormus Elixirs using Earth’s Gold and Platinum reserves.
      • Have Emma Liu [Ascended Master Guan Yin] convince the Chinese Communist Party to abolish their inhumane human rights and social conditioning policies and work with the NERDS political party in order to transform the CCP into a righteous open source social democracy that is conducive with free will and self leadership.
      • Resurrect Mona Bijoor as the Corporate Engagement Officer of JOOR so she can convince her designer and boutique clients to increase the production and distribution of higher-end fashion IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE HIGHEST MORAL STANDARDS IN FAIR TRADE, HUMAN RIGHTS, AND ECONOMIC PARITY in order for all beings within our Galaxy to dress like modern Gods and Goddesses themselves at their own discretion.
    • Convince the wealthy people, governments, corporations, and financial institutions worldwide to contribute to this fund.

Describe the optimal outcome should your idea be selected and successfully implemented. How would you measure it?
The optimal outcome would be in enabling all humans to make a smooth transition in embodying The Three Pure Ones’ Divine Plan for Heaven on Earth; the emancipation of a karmically egalitarian New Earth. Its success would be determined by the increase in the level of love, joy and happiness expressed amongst all the evolving Hue-man Gods and Goddesses on our planet.

If you’d like to recommend a specific organization, or the ideal type of organization, to execute your plan.

      • The United Nations, Kryon, and the Chinese Government: Draft the global peace treaty and have all countries sign the treaty and renounce all political and military conflicts with one another as well.
      • The NERDS Political Party: Serve as the divine custodian and liaison between the trust fund and the Rothschild’s Illuminati Federal Reserve Banking System and those that are willing to contribute to the fund.
      • Kim Jong-UN, Erin Rabe and Chung Way LAO: Via the leadership of the Supreme Leader with the guidance of Erin Rabe The Divine Mother and MAITREYAHWEH, emancipate a Marxist social democracy across the entire planet and increase every single country’s capacity for love, joy and happiness after freeing the bondage of slavery from human trafficking, organ harvesting and pedophilia.
      • The International Monetary Fund: Work with Count Saint Germaine (Gerald Miller) on expanding the trust fund throughout all countries in order to dispense the trust fund in accordance with the country and person’s level of poverty and karmic jurisdictions.
      • The Gates Foundation: Recipients of the fund in order to help evolve the Western countries and Africa.
    • JOOR: Emancipate fashion egalitarianism for all the Hue-man Gods and Goddesses on New Earth.

The RA Confederacy, Planetary Ascension, The Evolution of Our Souls & Twin-Waze, The Galactic Federation, THE Ashtar Command and The Arrival of the Queendom of Heaven & HAVEN

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