The Complement to Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity: The Paradigm of the Cosmic Totality of Our SEOUL

version 2019.05.03

We all know Albert Einstein’s famous Special Theory of Relativity mass-energy equivalence equation:

\(E = mc^2\)

Now I would like to present you 3 equations that will symbolically and ideologically describe the potential of the totality of the energy of our Soul within the Cosmos as we evolve up the ladder of the Stairway to Heaven and become Gods and Goddesses (aka Ascended Masters) ourselves.

SeOUL = \(U_{God}\) = \(\Sigma\)\(E_{A^{+}}\)Φ\(\Sigma\)\(E_{A^{-}}\)

…where \({A^{+}}\) = Father Maitreya, Φ = Mother ChristOS SoPhiA, and \({A^{-}}\) = Father Melchizedek.

\(\Sigma\)\(E_{A^{+}}\) = \({{μc^2}^3}^4\) | \({{μc^4}^3}^2\) | \({{μc^4}^2}^3\) | \({{μc^2}^4}^3\) = \(μc^{4096}\)

\(\Sigma\)\(E_{A^{-}}\) = \({{μc^3}^2}^4\) | \({{μc^3}^4}^2\) = \(μc^{6561}\)

Where \(A^{+}\) denotes the positive force of Alpha, \(A^{-}\) the negative force of Alpha, μ the accumulative mass of the SeOUL (which is NOT subject to relativity), 1 (implied), 2, 3 and 4 the number of the dimensions in the space-time continuum, 4096 the calculated value of \({2^3}^4\), \({4^3}^2\), \({4^2}^3\), and \({2^4}^3\), and 6561 the calculated value of \({3^2}^4\) and \({3^4}^2\)*. The embodiment of these 3 equations formulate the premise of what I would like to call “The Paradigm of the Cosmic Totality of Our SeOUL”.

*Note that in conventional mathematics, the notation of an equation having 3 or more exponents is calculated from the top down. In our case, the exponents are calculated from the bottom up because “c” (light) is the source of energy and its causality is directed from the bottom up.

Each digit of the numbers in the formulas of \(A^{+}\) and \(A^{-}\) are “fire numbers” of the Language of Light that correspond to the dimensional frequency of the subconscious mind (1D), emotional/instinctual mind (2D), reasoning mind (3D), astral mind (4D), the causal/archetypal mind (5D) and the dimensional density of the Harmonic Universe as well as the permutation of the Holy Trinity at the dimensional frequency defined by The Revelatorium ( The causal/archetypal mind is the 5th dimension of the space-time continuum that materializes as frequencies of consciousness as opposed to traveling light particles and/or solid matter henceforth 5 is not part of the equations. Figure A is an illustration of the union of both concepts on dimensional frequencies embodied by the 12 lower dimensions.

Figure A: The 12 Lower Dimensions
Figure A: The 12 Lower Dimensions

The \(A^{+}\) formula extrapolates that there is a maximum capacity of 4096 15D Universal Time Matrices in the Cosmos. The Eckasha-Aah 1st God-World of Creation has a capacity of 256 organic Veca Universes which yields 1024 15D Universal Time Matrices. With the Ascension of ChristOS SoPhiA’s Mother Arc, the 13th Reuche Pillar will become the gateway between the Eckasha-Aah 1st God-World of Creation and 768 additional Dark Matter Veca Universes yielding 3072 more 15D Universal Time Matrices. The number “4” symbolizes all there is that can manifest in the space-time continuum (4 dimensions), “0” the Void/Zero-Point (Alpha and Omega), “9” the dimensional density of a Veca Universe, and 6 the love, perfection, and unity that exists amongst us all. The  \(A^{-}\) formula extrapolates that there is a maximum capacity of 6561 atomic elements in the Cosmos, a potential that will be satisfied once the Cosmos completes its anti-matter evolution which has only recently just begun. 6561 symbolizes the love, perfection, and unity of dimensions 5 to 1, the dimensions of Outer Creation. The newest atomic element created as a result of the completion of the sixth successive Grand Evolutionary cycles is called “Nirvanium” (, the 119th atomic element on Earth and the very first matter/anti-matter atomic element that is only present here on 5th dimensional Earth (Urantia).

The ordering of the exponential numbers represent the process of the dimensionalization and destruction of matter consciousness. The number “2” signifies the 2D template consciousness of matter as an image, symbol, drawing, written language, etc. “3” the unmaterialized 3D energy of the consciousness of the Void (since matter cannot dimensionalize solely in 3 dimensions). “4” the matter consciousness itself manifested in the 4D space-time continuum as matter. Here are the definitions of the 6 processes of matter consciousness dimensionalization and destruction:

\({2^3}^4\): Template <=> Void <=> Matter (Manifestation)

\({4^3}^2\): Matter <=> Void <=> Template (Contemplating Creation)

\({4^2}^3\): Matter <=> Template <=> Void (Contemplating Destruction)

\({2^4}^3\): Template <=> Matter <=> Void (Destruction)

\({3^2}^4\): Void <=> Template <=> Matter (Evolution)

\({3^4}^2\): Void <=> Matter <=> Template (THE MANDATE OF ALPHA AND OMEGA)

So how does this all connect with Einstein’s equation?

  1. Matter (i.e. manifest magnetic spirit energy) is nothing more than a projection of consciousness deriving from the consciousness of a soul and/or a group of souls (oversoul) within the same collective youniverse. It can also derive from non-soul spirit embodiments such as elementals, crystals, and andara crystals with the dormant capacity to store anti-matter subatomic particles.
  2. Individual units of sentient consciousness is encompassed by the SeOUL identity, embodied by “μ”, the absolute mass of the soul that is not subject to relativity, the “younique signature” of its own distinct identity.
  3. Matter projects itself in the form of light with its corresponding magnetic solid-state properties (i.e. elemental viscosity) that originates from the soul/oversoul existing as anti-matter in its own distinct 2D geometric template signature formation (orb template/pattern) that’s younique across any given youniverse that it occupies and can still be distinguished as belonging to the same soul across different youniverses.
  4. Each soul group’s energy (oversoul) within the same collective youniverse has its own laws of creation and destruction depicted by the four embodiments of the energy equations of \(A^{+}\).
  5. \({2^3}^4\) (creation) and \({2^4}^3\) (destruction) by the soul (μ) are connected to matter energy via the number “2” by the soul’s utilization of templates with matter being embodied by “m”; projected by each SeOUL identity (μ) independent or within a soul group with the matter’s relative mass being the “signature” of its own identity as its own formulation of energy.
  6. While the amounts of energy and the values of μ/m varies distinctly throughout any given manifestation within a youniverse, the constant that binds the two entities of soul consciousness (as μ) and spirit/matter consciousness (as m) together is the speed of light embodied by “c”, satisfying Einstein’s depiction of special relativity.
Figure B: Contemplating Creation
Figure B: Contemplating Creation

The Egg of Life of ChristOS SoPhiA

Eckasha. Eckasha. Ra! Ra! Ra!