The HyperPyraSphereCube: The Merkabah Upgrade For the Human Angelic Light Body

version 2021.08.29

By Tae Seol & Chung Way Lao & Lisa Renee & Ashayana Deane’s MCEO Freedom Teachings (Voyagers II: Secrets of Amenti)

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Figure A: Orthogonal Face Projection of the HyperPyraSphereCube
Figure A: Orthogonal Face Projection of the HyperPyraSphereCube

Figure B: Dimensional Frequency Particle Distribution Matrix of the HyperPyraSphereCube

Figures C/D: The Melchizedek-Sataini Tree of Dreams of the HyperPyraSphereCube


Figure E: Isometric Projection of Metatron’s Cube

The expressions of the Feminine aspect of the Merkabah, the Density Field of the Merkabah, is embodied solely by the notorious Metatron’s Cube in figure D. The expressions of the Masculine aspect of the Merkabah, known as the Auroric Field of the Merkabah (aka the Rasha Body) hasn’t been promulgated in New Age teachings until now since we’re on our way in ascending to the 4th and 5th Dimensional Densities of Harmonic Universe 2 within Outer Creation along with the Zero-Point Source Energies within the 6th to 8th Dimensional Densities of the Gaia Sa Nuy Dark Matter Matrix (HU6) celebrating the conclusion of the evolutionary game of Polarity Integration that has been going on since life began within this Universal Time Matrix.

Humans that are to become Ascended Masters from the “Fallen” Satanic Anunnaki Ruby Order Melchizedek Collective along with those from the original Emerald, Gold, and Amethyst Orders will be able to augment and control Dark Matter with their auroric/density integrated Light Body and have the ability to bi-locate to up to 768 new Veca Universes and up to 3072 new 15D Universal Time Matrices sourced from Dark Matter. The geometric depiction of the Auroric Field Merkabah was founded by my GRAND friend Tae Seol. When he first showed it to me I immediately recognized its significance and thus began my investigation on this figure. Now I would like to elaborate on our discovery by offering my analysis on what I would like to call the “HyperPyraCubeSphere” in figures A and B.

The first order of business is to describe the stellation of this 2D figure in 3D. Obviously the outermost square depicts a cube and the outermost circle depicts a sphere. For the 2nd outermost square that’s tilted and the horizontal and vertical lines cutting across it diagonally, they form an octahedron where its vertices touch both the outermost cube and sphere as depicted in figure E. Next are the 4 outermost acute isosceles triangles originating from the corners of the outermost square that end at the corners of the 2nd outermost square that’s tilted. In 3D they become 4 pyramids where their apex are located at the middle of the outermost cube’s 4 Z-axis edges and the 4 vertices of each base of the pyramid are at the 4 farthest opposite midpoints of the edges of the outermost cube. Note that the vertices of the 2nd outermost cube are not located on the same plane as the corners of the 2nd outermost square but on the corners of the innermost tilted black square as depicted in figure A. This is because the 2nd outermost cube is formed by the pyramids intersecting with one another. The same formation of pyramids applies to the x and y axis of the outermost cube as well. This means that there are a total of 3 2nd outermost cubes that overlap each other. They form a 3-compound cube exhibiting octahedral symmetry known as Escher’s compound, depicted in figure F. The convex hull of this polyhedron is a non-uniform truncated octahedron which happens to be confined within the uniform truncated octahedron which is the permutohedron of the 4th order Tesseract Hypercubesphere that exists within the HyperPyraCubeSphere WHICH IS EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT! I will reveal why that’s the case later in the article.

An Octahedron Within a Cube
Figure F: An Octahedron Within a Cube Touching All Sides of the Cube
A Compound of 3 Cubes
Figure G: A Compound of 3 Cubes With Octahedral Symmetry (Escher’s Compound). The mesh of this polyhedron can be expressed with 67 cells as discovered by Ronald K. Hoeflin in 1985.

Next are the 4 isosceles triangles originating from the middle of the edges of the outermost square where the base of the triangle connects to the corners of the innermost square. They yield 6 pyramids after all 3 axises are considered where their apex are located at the center of each face of the outermost cube and the 4 vertices of each base are the 4 vertices of the inner HyperPyraCubeSphere closest to the apex. Then there are the 4 isosceles triangles inside the 4 outermost isosceles triangles originating from the corners of the outermost square. They yield 12 pyramids after all 3 axises are considered where their apex are located at the middle of each edge of the outermost cube and the base of each pyramid forms a diagonal cross-section of the inner HyperPyraCubeSphere. And finally there are the 2 diagonal lines in the outermost square. They are the 8 lines that connect the opposite vertices between the inner and outer HyperPyraCubeSphere like in a 4D Tessaract Hypercube.

Now let’s discuss the geometric functionality of the HyperPyraSphereCube. Within Outer Creation, Metatron’s Cube corresponds to the Density Field of the Merkabah in both HU1 and HU2 and when it’s in phase lock (dimensionalization) it rotates the density field of the star tetrahedron of the Merkabah in one directional angle (34 CCW / 21 CW). The HyperPyraSphereCube corresponds to the Auroric Field of the Merkabah in HU2/HU6 and when it’s in phase lock (bi-location) it directs the rotation of the density field of the star tetrahedron of the Merkabah in the opposite directional angle (331/3 CW / 112/3 CCW). The torque generated by the rotating star tetrahedron augments a magnetic field known as the torus field within the edges of the cube as depicted in figures F and G. The inner cube of the HyperPyraSphereCube embodies the physical body of the soul and the outer cube embodies the surrounding outer light projection of the soul such as a room, cave, planet, star, galaxy, or spaceship.

Figure D: The Merkaba and its Torus Field
Figure H: The Merkabah and its Torus Field
The Star Tetrahedron That Embodies a Merkabah
Figure I: The Star Tetrahedron That Embodies a Merkabah in a Cube

Angelic Hue-mans that are to become Ascended Masters will embody the level that will allow them to integrate with their primordial Light Body which is the outermost surface radiation layers of our multidimensional anatomy; the Density 2 Alphi Hova Body, the Density 3 Betcha Hova Body, and the Density 4 Mahara Hova Body when the time is right for each individual to accomplish this feat within the next 30 years. The Density 5 Raja Hova Body and the 3 Yuseta Hova Bodies will only be embodied by the Original Breneau Founders and the Eieyani since the new breed of the Hue-man Angelic Race will interact with the HU6 Gaia Sa Nuy Dark Matter Matrix using their Rasha Body as opposed to the Source Energy Matrix directly with the antiquated bodies.

There are 3 stages in the Starfire Ascension Cycle: Stage-1 known as ‘The Glide’, Stage-2 known as ‘The Slide’, and Stage-3 known as ‘The Span’. After integrating our bodies, we will then have the ability to transmit portions of our conscious awareness to our HyperPyraSphereCube/Rasha Body during Stage-1 of the cycle, where the HyperPyraSphereCube at its unsolidified non-Merkabah state is the structure of the Rasha Body in Outer Creation known as the RashaLAe Body. It would first require the activation of portions of their personal Rasha Dark-Matter Body serving as a template upon which the outer Light Body and physical-matter body forms. Prior to the commencement of the Starfire Ascension Cycle, the simple projection dynamics use as the ‘projection vehicle’ specific portions of the personal anatomy from the Light Body as opposed to that of the more adept Rasha Body, allowing for the Rasha Body to project across all 4 domains of Creation (Inner, Middle, Outer, and Core) within a 15D Universal Time Matrix as opposed to within a single domain that each Light Body density layer is confined to. During the Slide, a portion of the physical-atomic body quanta literally changes state and transfers with the corresponding portion of its respective conscious awareness within the Rasha Body for projectional travel to a remote location. It involves a temporary condition of either physical-atomic bi-location or translocation. This transitional state of the Rasha Body embodies Stage-2 of the Ascension Cycle. During the Span, if an individual has evolved into becoming a Mashayah, their Rasha Body would consciously and physically/atomically be able to relocate to any location within the Cosmos limited to the worlds that their Ascended Master Gestalt Identities are confined to, completing Stage-3 of the Ascension Cycle.

In order for the ascension/translocation to occur, in Stage-1 the density field of the Merkabah would have to release itself from phase-lock by abandoning its density compression as the permutohedron of Escher’s Compound (the non-uniform truncated octahedron) and augment itself into the permutohedron of the Tesseract (the uniform truncated octahedron) thus allowing it to exhibit itself as the HyperPyraSphereCube/Rasha Body. They would then relay their conscious awareness pertinent to the Rasha Body in order for it to begin the process of transfiguring itself. The Masculine Auroric Field would then command the density field of the star tetrahedron of the Merkabah and rotate in the opposite direction and direct the rotation of the soul’s inner half of the HyperPyraSphereCube and the outer projection’s outer half while utilizing the Rasha Body’s Dark Matter templatic currents to augment the physical body and its outer projection such as shapeshifting, emitting light/force fields, opening vortexes/black holes, etc.

If a soul qualifies for Stage-2, then they’ve reached ‘one-quarter to one-half quantum point’ of atomic transmutation/transfiguration and it would then ascend by allowing the polyhedron grid exhibited by the outer cube of the location that’s connected to the soul’s inner cube to transform into the grid of the new outer projection as the soul projects itself by way of its consciousness. As the two cubes of the HyperPyraSphereCube rotate during this temporary bi-location/translocation process, its consciousness is aware of both locations simultaneously. If the soul qualifies for Stage-3, then they’ve reached the ‘full quantum point’ of atomic transmutation/transfiguration and can enter the Krystar State of full Ascension, from which one can return to manifestation within the personal eternal-life ‘Mashayanic Body’. In order for the Merkabah to recover its physical form and suppress its functionality of ascension/translocation, the density field of the star tetrahedron of the Merkabah would then have to spin in the opposite direction and the Rasha Body’s uniform permutohedron would condense and re-engage into a phase-locked non-uniform permutohedron with new dimensions. This is how the HyperPyraSphereCube facilitates the process of “traveling within hyperspace” and why the HyperPyraSphereCube and its geometric derivations are of paramount importance.

Time is nothing more than the 4th dimension of space within the space-time continuum. Organic HU1 matter is carbon based. All organic HU1 matter projections require carbon as its base anchor whether it be planets, bodily life, meteorites, etc. Organic HU2 light matter is silica-carbon based. In order for HU1 dense solid matter to behave as light (flash on/off), it needs its HU2 auroric light matter counterpart. This is why the HU2 Auroric Field Merkabah is paramount in order for dense matter to be able to bi-locate/teleport.

As part of the Order of Melchizedek experimentation, the HyperPyraSphereCube network was slated to fractically expand in order to allow more souls to ascend into becoming Ascended Masters and attain the level of spiritual mastery that used to be exclusive to the original Ascended Masters. This was accomplished by the fractal unfolding of the Hypercube within the HyperPyraSphereCube. In 3D, unfolding a Hypercube results in the formation of a Hypercross consisting of 7 cubes in the inner position and one cube in the outer position encapsulating the 7 inner cubes. This fractal expansion process can theoretically be repeated iteratively inwards and/or outwards to no limit. An example of how the Hypercross looks like in 3D is the 2 level deep formation depicted in figure H. For the evolution of the Melchizedek God-Seed soul atom, the expansion was directed inwards as the innermost cubes spawn 7 new cubes inside themselves forming a cross after each level of dimensional expansion.

Within our Melchizedek God-Seed 15D Universal Time Matrix, the HyperPyraSphereCube Hypercross was expanded 13 levels deep (once for each dimensional level from the 14D down to the 2D excluding the 15D and 1D since 15D is the consciousness of the ETERNAL KRYST which exhibits intrinsic/monadic unrestricted free will and because 1D is inept in exhibiting free will consciousness reflecting the nature of the human subconscious mind. Each HyperPyraSphereCube will embody one of the 6,920,643,604 ((7^12 / 2) + 4) souls that will eventually inherit a human body endowed with the DNA of the Cosmic Divine Goldprint. The innermost cubes of the HyperPyraSphereCube Hypercross network was embodied by Father Melchizedek the ETERNAL KRYST up until now and the outermost cube by Sunat Hunab Kumara (aka Sanat Kumara) who is the Planetary Logos of Earth. The innermost cubes will now be embodied by Ascended Master Maitreya and the outermost cube by Ascended Master Sananda. Ascended Master Kuthumi will embody the cube that can freely traverse itself across the entire network in order to seed new planetary initiatives.

Figure F: The 3 Level Deep Hypercross
Figure J: The 2 Level Deep Hypercross
Figure K: The Trans-Locomotive Map of The HyperPyraSphereCube Across The Eckasha Aah-Rha God-World of Creation

Now I’ll present the polyhedrons exhibited by Metatron’s cube and the HyperPyraSphereCube belonging to the Melchizedek God-Seed Angelic Soul along with their dimensional vibration frequency rates and responsibilities.

Polyhedron Grids of Metatron’s Cube
AD1. Cube – The container enclosing the Merkabah Field’s subatomic particles at their various quantum states
D1/HU1: F=6 * E=12 * V=8 / D(S)=12 / D(D)=2 * 10^15 = 24PHz
D2/HU2: F=6 * E=12 * V=8 / D(S)=12 / D(D)=5 * 10^12 = 9.6THz
D3/HU3: F=6 * E=12 * V=8 / D(S)=12 / D(D)=8 * 10^9 = 6GHz
D4/HU4: F=6 * E=12 * V=8 / D(S)=14 / D(D)=9 * 10^6 = 4.57142857143MHz
D5/HU5: F=6 * E=12 * V=8 / D(S)=23 / D(D)=13 * 10^3 = 1.926421404712kHz

AD2. Stellated Octahedron / Star Tetrahedron – The set of 2 counter-rotating Merkabah Spirals (tetrahedrons) that make up the active Merkabah Field at its stationary/dimensionalized or transient bilocative states
D1/HU1: F=8 * E=12 * V=8 / D(S)=12 / D(D)=2 * 10^15 = 32PHz
D2/HU2: F=8 * E=12 * V=8 / D(S)=12 / D(D)=5 * 10^12 = 12.8THz
D3/HU3: F=8 * E=12 * V=8 / D(S)=12 / D(D)=8 * 10^9 = 8GHz
D4/HU4: F=8 * E=12 * V=8 / D(S)=15 / D(D)=6 * 10^6 = 8.5369MHz
D5/HU5: F=8 * E=12 * V=8 / D(S)=17 / D(D)=7 * 10^3 = 6.453781512619kHz

AD3. Octahedron – The physical-atomic projection of the Light Body’s Density Field
D1/HU1: F=8 * E=12 * V=6 / D(S)=12 / D(D)=2 * 10^15 = 24PHz
D2/HU2: F=8 * E=12 * V=6 / D(S)=12 / D(D)=5 * 10^12 = 9.6THz
D3/HU3: F=8 * E=12 * V=6 / D(S)=12 / D(D)=8 * 10^9 = 6GHz
D4/HU4: F=8 * E=12 * V=6 / D(S)=13 / D(D)=11 * 10^6 = 4.027972028MHz
D5/HU5: F=8 * E=12 * V=6 / D(S)=20 / D(D)=10 * 10^3 = 2.88kHz

AD4. Cuboctahedron – The identity of the Feminine toroidal aspect that interfaces with its Auroric Masculine counterpart
D1/HU1: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=12 / D(D)=2 * 10^15 = 168PHz
D2/HU2: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=12 / D(D)=5 * 10^12 = 67.2THz
D3/HU3: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=12 / D(D)=8 * 10^9 = 42GHz
D4/HU4: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=33 / D(D)=01 * 10^6 = 122.18181818MHz
D5/HU5: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=44 / D(D)=7 * 10^3 = 13.09kHz


Polyhedron Grids of the Auroric Field HyperPyraSphereCube
AD1 / UD1. Icosahedron – GODDESS Amaryllis’ & FATHER MAITREYAHWEH EAST KalMelkeetzadeq’s & LORD Lucifer’s order for incarnate ego/essence cultivation (triangle / 3D)

D4/HU4: F=20 * E=30 * V=12 / D(S)=13 / D(D)=5 * 10^6 = 110.769MHz
D5/HU5: F=20 * E=30 * V=12 / D(S)=17 / D(D)=15 * 10^3 = 28.235kHz
D6: F=20 * E=30 * V=12 / D(S)=6 / D(D)=24 = 50Hz
D7: F=20 * E=30 * V=12 / D(S)=7 / D(D)=20 * 10^-3 = 51.42857143mHz
D8: F=20 * E=30 * V=12 / D(S)=18 / D(D)=26 * 10^-6 = 15.384615µHz

AD2 / UD2. Cuboctahedron – The identity of the Masculine toroidal aspect that interfaces with its Metatronic Feminine counterpart (diamond / 4D)

D4/HU4: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=13 / D(D)=5 * 10^6 = 62.031MHz
D5/HU5: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=17 / D(D)=15 * 10^3 = 15.812kHz
D6: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=6 / D(D)=24 = 28Hz
D7: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=7 / D(D)=20 * 10^-3 = 28.8mHz
D8: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=18 / D(D)=26 * 10^-6= 8.6153846µHz

AD3 / UD3-Alpha. Rhombic Dodecahedron – The Lords of Karma’s order for divine love ego/essence disintegration (diamond / 4D)

D4/HU4: F=12 * E=24 * V=14 / D(S)=13 / D(D)=5 * 10^6 = 62.031MHz
D5/HU5: F=12 * E=24 * V=14 / D(S)=17 / D(D)=15 *10^3 = 15.812kHz
D6: F=12 * E=24 * V=14 / D(S)=6 / D(D)=24 = 24.888888Hz
D7: F=12 * E=24 * V=14 / D(S)=7 / D(D)=20 * 10^-3 = 28.8mHz
D8: F=12 * E=24 * V=14 / D(S)=26 / D(D)=8 * 10^-6 = 19.384615µHz
D9: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=34 / D(D)=39.5 * 10^-9 = 3.0022338049nHz
D10: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=57 / D(D)=32.75 * 10^-12 = 2.1599035757332pHz
D20: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=67 / D(D)=32.25 * 10^-15 = 1.8660187434918fHz
D21: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=68 / D(D)=39 * 10^-18 = 1.5203619909502aHz
D22: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=69 / D(D)=41 * 10^-21 = 1.425238600212aHz
D23: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=71 / D(D)=41 * 10^-24 = 1.3850910340089zHz
D24: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=70 / D(D)=42 * 10^-24 = 1.3714285714285yHz
D25: F=14 * E=24 * V=12 / D(S)=72 / D(D)=43.5 * 10^-27 = 1.2873563218390804597701149425287êxHz

AD4 / UD3-Beta. Rhombic Triacontahedron – The Quan Yins’ and The Lord MaitreyaHz’ order for coexisting with Heavenly 5D Earth (diamond / 4D)

D4/HU4: F=30 * E=60 * V=32 / D(S)=13 / D(D)=5 * 10^6 = 886.154MHz
D5/HU5: F=30 * E=60 * V=32 / D(S)=17 / D(D)=15 *10^3 = 225.882kHz
D6: F=30 * E=60 * V=32 / D(S)=6 / D(D)=24 = 400Hz
D7: F=30 * E=60 * V=32 / D(S)=7 / D(D)=20 * 10^-3 = 411.42857143mHz
D8: F=30 * E=60 * V=32 / D(S)=18 / D(D)=26 * 10^-6 = 123.076923077µHz
D26: F=30 * E=60 * V=32 / D(S)=61.5 / D(D)=68.4 * 10^-30 = 13.692768506632êxïtHz
D27: F=30 * E=60 * V=32 / D(S)=58.5 / D(D)=73.5 * 10^-33 = 13.396127681841êxïdHz
D28: F=30 * E=60 * V=32 / D(S)= 72.5 / D(D)=74.5 * 10^-36 = 10.664198102291tíHz
D29: F=30 * E=60 * V=32 / D(S)= 73.5 / D(D)=61.5 * 10^-39 = 12.742658038825286212045793927327tìHz
D30: F=30 * E=60 * V=32 / D(S)= 40.5 / D(D)=20 * 10^-42 = 71.111111111111îtHz

AD5 / UD3-Ceta. Deltoidal Hexecontahedron – Goddess Cara & Goddess Amaryllis & Mahavatar Babaji’s order for divine love ego/essence integration (diamond & pre-pentagon / 4D⇒5D)



Image by Toshen is licensed under Creative Commons by ShareAlike 4.0


D4/HU4: F=60 * E=120 * V=62 / D(S)=13 / D(D)=5 * 10^6 = 6,867.69231MHz
D5/HU5: F=60 * E=120 * V=62 / D(S)=17 / D(D)=15 * 10^3 = 1.751MHz
D6: F=60 * E=120 * V=62 / D(S)=6 / D(D)=24 = 3.1kHz
D7: F=60 * E=120 * V=62 / D(S)=7 / D(D)=20 * 10^-3 = 3.18857143Hz
D8: F=60 * E=120 * V=62 / D(S)=18 / D(D)=26 * 10^-6 = 953.8461538µHz

AD6 / UD4. Icosidodecahedron – Lady Master Venus (triangle / 3D) and Sanat Kumara’s (pentagon-moissanite / 5D) order for the Heavenly expression of the Angelic soul

D4/HU4: F=32 * E=60 * V=30 / D(S)=13 / D(D)=5 * 10^6 = 886.15MHz
D5/HU5: F=32 * E=60 * V=30 / D(S)=17 / D(D)=15 * 10^3 = 225.882kHz
D6: F=32 * E=60 * V=30 / D(S)=6 / D(D)=24 = 400Hz
D7: F=32 * E=60 * V=30 / D(S)=7 / D(D)=20 * 10^-3 = 411.42857143mHz
D8: F=32 * E=60 * V=30 / D(S)=18 / D(D)=26 * 10^-6 = 123.076923077µHz

AD7 / UD5. Dodecahedron – Ishtar±Inanna (Galairo) and Allah=Allah2-+Allah (pentagon-moissanite / 5D) order for the Heavenly expression of the Angelic soul as its own new Youniverse

D4/HU4: F=12 * E=30 * V=20 / D(S)=13 / D(D)=5 * 10^6 = 110.769MHz
D5/HU5: F=12 * E=30 * V=20 / D(S)=17 / D(D)=15 * 10^3 = 28.235kHz
D6: F=12 * E=30 * V=20 / D(S)=6 / D(D)=24 = 50Hz
D7: F=12 * E=30 * V=20 / D(S)=7 / D(D)=20 * 10^-3 = 51.42857143mHz
D8: F=12 * E=30 * V=20 / D(S)=18 / D(D)=26 * 10^-6 = 15.384615µHz

AD8 / UD6-Alpha. Square Anti-Prism – The Divine Masculine Soul’s μ-wave of a Twin-Ray’s Quantum Υ± Databank

D4/HU4: F=10 * E=16 * V=8 / D(S)=13 / D(D)=5 * 10^6 = 19.6923MHz
D5/HU5: F=10 * E=16 * V=8 / D(S)=17 / D(D)=15 * 10^3 = 5.019608kHz
D6: F=10 * E=16 * V=8 / D(S)=6 / D(D)=24 = 8.88888888Hz
D7: F=10 * E=16 * V=8 / D(S)=7 / D(D)=20 * 10^-3 = 9.142857143mHz
D8: F=10 * E=16 * V=8 / D(S)=18 / D(D)=26 * 10^-6 = 2.735042735µHz

AD9 / UD6-Beta. Hexagonal Prism – The Divine Feminine Soul’s μ-wave of a Twin-Ray’s Quantum Χ± Databank

D4/HU4: F=8 * E=18 * V=12 / D(S)=13 / D(D)=5 * 10^6 = 26.5846MHz
D5/HU5: F=8 * E=18 * V=12 / D(S)=17 / D(D)=15 * 10^3 = 6.77647kHz
D6: F=8 * E=18 * V=12 / D(S)=6 / D(D)=24 = 12Hz
D7: F=8 * E=18 * V=12 / D(S)=7 / D(D)=20 * 10^-3 = 12.342857143mHz
D8: F=8 * E=18 * V=12 / D(S)=18 / D(D)=26 * 10^-6 = 3.692307692µHz

AD10 / UD7. Snub Cube – The Oversoul’s θ-wave of a Christed Virtues Angelic Identity

D4/HU4: F=38 * E=60 * V=24 / D(S)=13 / D(D)=5 * 10^6 = 841.84615MHz
D5/HU5: F=38 * E=60 * V=24 / D(S)=17 / D(D)=15 * 10^3 = 214.588235294kHz
D6: F=38 * E=60 * V=24 / D(S)=6 / D(D)=24 = 380Hz
D7: F=38 * E=60 * V=24 / D(S)=7 / D(D)=20 * 10^-3 = 390.857143mHz
D8: F=38 * E=60 * V=24 / D(S)=18 / D(D)=26 * 10^-6 = 116.9230769µHz

AD11 / UD8. Small Stellated Truncated Dodecahedron – The Oversoul’s θ-wave of a Christed Powers Angelic Identity

D4/HU4: F=24 * E=90 * V=60 / D(S)=13 / D(D)=5 * 10^6 = 1,993.8MHz
D5/HU5: F=24 * E=90 * V=60 / D(S)=17 / D(D)=15 * 10^3 = 508.23529kHz
D6: F=24 * E=90 * V=60 / D(S)=6 / D(D)=24 = 900Hz
D7: F=24 * E=90 * V=60 / D(S)=7 / D(D)=20 * 10^-3 = 925.714286mHz
D8: F=24 * E=90 * V=60 / D(S)=18 / D(D)=26 * 10^-6 = 276.92307692µHz

AD12 / UD9. Snub Dodecahedron – The Oversoul’s θ-wave of a Christed Dominions Angelic Identity

D4/HU4: F=92 * E=150 * V=60 / D(S)=13 / D(D)=5 * 10^6 = 12,738.46154GHz
D5/HU5: F=92 * E=150 * V=60 / D(S)=17 / D(D)=15 * 10^3 = 3.2470588235MHz
D6: F=92 * E=150 * V=60 / D(S)=6 / D(D)=24 = 5.75kHz
D7: F=92 * E=150 * V=60 / D(S)=7 / D(D)=20 * 10^-3 = 5.9142857143Hz
D8: F=92 * E=150 * V=60 / D(S)=18 / D(D)=26 * 10^-6 = 1,769.230769mHz
D9/HU1/HU5: F=92 * E=150 * V=60 / D(S)=12 / D(D)=6 * 10^-9 = 11.5µHz
D10/HU2/HU4: F=92 * E=150 * V=60 / D(S)=14 / D(D)=21 * 10^-12 = 2.816326530612nHz

AD13 / UD10. THE GREAT ICOSICOSI-DODECAHEDRON – The Soul’s θЉμ-wave Identity of a Christed Thrones/Ophanim Angelic Avatar

D4/HU4: F=52 * E=120 * V=60 / D(S)=13 / D(D)=5 * 10^6 = 5,760GHz
D5/HU5: F=52 * E=120 * V=60 / D(S)=17 / D(D)=15 * 10^3 = 1.46823529MHz
D6: F=52 * E=120 * V=60 / D(S)=6 / D(D)=24 = 2.6kHz
D7: F=52 * E=120 * V=60 / D(S)=7 / D(D)=20 * 10^-3 = 2.6742857Hz
D8: F=52 * E=120 * V=60 / D(S)=18 / D(D)=26 * 10^-6 = 800mHz
D9/HU1/HU5: F=52 * E=120 * V=60 / D(S)=12 / D(D)=6 * 10^-9 = 5.2µHz
D10/HU2/HU4: F=52 * E=120 * V=60 / D(S)=14 / D(D)=21 * 10^-12 = 1.273469388nHz
D11/HU3: F=52 * E=120 * V=60 / D(S)=26 / D(D)=7 * 10^-15 = 2.057142857pHz

F = # Faces
E = # Edges
V = # Vertices
AD = Auroric Density
UD = Unilateral DimensION
D(S) = Source DimensION
D(D) = DestinatIONAL Dimension


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