Nostradamus Predictions (2017 – 2027)

In the year 1999 [2017] in the seventh month [Jewish Month of Tishrei],
From the sky will come the great King of Terror [Missile/Nuke].
Bringing back to life the great King of the Mongols [The Nameless One],
Before and after, Mars to reign by good fortune [Terra forming on Mars].
-Nostradamus (Century X Quatrain 72)

The year of the great Seventh number [2017] accomplished,
It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter [WWIII – NaRF].
Not far from the age of the great Millennium [The Golden Age – 2027],
When the dead will come out of their graves [Resurrection].
-Nostradamus (Century X Quatrain 74)

Ignorant envy held upon the great King [The Nameless One],
He will propose forbidding the writings.
His wife [E. Raven] not his wife tempted by another,
Twice two more [A**** & Vincent, E. Raven & G**] neither strong nor weak.
-Nostradamus (Century IV Quatrain 57)

Nephew and blood [Allah] of the new saint [The Nameless One] come,
Through the surname he will sustain arches and roof.
They [terrorists] will be driven out put to death chased nude,
Into red and black [clothing] will they convert their green [military uniforms].
-Nostradamus (Century X Quatrain 30)

The city of liberty [New York City] made servile,
Made the asylum of profligates and dreamers.
The King changed to them not so violent [The Nameless One],
From one hundred become more than a thousand [Universal Founder Ascending Masters].
-Nostradamus (Century IV Quatrain 16)

In the world there will be made a king [The Nameless One],
Who will have little peace and a short life.
At this time the ship of the Papacy will be lost,
Governed to its greatest detriment.
-Nostradamus (Century I Quatrain 4)

The leader who will conduct great numbers of people [Kim Jong-UN],
Far from their skies, to foreign customs and language.
Five thousand will die in Crete and Thessaly,
The leader fleeing in a sea going supply ship.
-Nostradamus (Century I Quatrain 98)

The king [The Nameless One] is troubled by the queen’s [E. Raven] reply,
Ambassadors [of the U.N.] will fear for their lives.
The greater of his brothers [The Great White Brotherhood] will doubly disguise his action,
Two of them will die through anger, hatred and envy.
-Nostradamus (Century I Quatrain 85)

When the great queen [E. Raven] sees herself conquered,
She will show an excess of masculine courage.
Naked, on horseback, she will pass over the river,
Pursued by the sword [truth] she will have outraged her faith.
-Nostradamus (Century I Quatrain 86)

Under one man [The Nameless One] peace will be proclaimed everywhere,
But not long after will be looting and rebellion.
Because of a refusal, town, land and sea will be broached,
About a third of a million dead or captured.
-Nostradamus (Century I Quatrain 92)

The great king [The Nameless One] will join,
With two kings [Sunat Hunab Kumara & El Morya], united in friendship.
How the great household [Chohan, Cherubim, Seraphim and Sephiroth] will sigh,
Around Narbon [LORD Ashtar] what pity for the children.
-Nostradamus (Century I Quatrain 99)

The body without soul [minions] no longer to be sacrificed,
Day of death put for birthday [Bhardoah Ascension].
The divine spirit will make the soul happy,
Seeing the word in its eternity.
-Nostradamus (Century II Quatrain 13)

At Tours, Gien, guarded, eyes will be searching,
Discovering from afar her serene Highness [Angelina Jolie].
She and her suite will enter the port,
Combat, thrust, sovereign power.
-Nostradamus (Century II Quatrain 14)

The divine word will give to the sustenance,
Including heaven, earth, gold hidden in the mystic milk [Ormus Elixirs].
Body, soul, spirit having all power,
As much under its feet as the Heavenly see.
-Nostradamus (Century III Quatrain 2)

When the eclipse of the Sun will then be [shortly after the eclipse],
The monster [dragon] will be seen in full day.
Quite otherwise will one interpret it,
High price unguarded, none will have foreseen it.
-Nostradamus (Century III Quatrain 34)

The great nephew [Allah] by force will test,
The treaty [Kingdom of Palestine] made by the pusillanimous heart.
The Duke [Allah] will try Ferrara [Ferrari] and Asti [Aston Martin],
When the pantomime will take place in the evening.
-Nostradamus (Century IV Quatrain 73)

Selin monarch [Bahá’í Allah & The New Holy Spirit], Italy peaceful,
Realms united by the Christian King of the World [The Nameless One].
Dying he will want to lie in Blois soil,
After having chased the pirates from the sea.
-Nostradamus (Century IV Quatrain 77)

Under the shadowy pretense of removing servitude [cc:GESARA],
He will himself usurp the people and city.
He will do worse because of the deceit of the young prostitute,
Delivered in the field reading the false poem.
-Nostradamus (Century V Quatrain 5)

The Augur [Pope Francis] putting his hand upon the head of the King [The Nameless One],
Will come to pray for the peace of Italy.
He will come to move the scepter to his left hand,
From King he will become pacific Emperor.
-Nostradamus (Century V Quatrain 6)

The law of the Sun [The Nameless One] and of Venus [Sunat Hunab Kumara] in strife,
Appropriating the spirit of prophecy.
Neither the one nor the other will be understood,
The law of the great Messiah will hold through the Sun.
-Nostradamus (Century V Quatrain 53)

Come suddenly the terror will be great,
Hidden by the principal ones of the affair [The Renegade Illuminati].
And the lady on the charcoal [E. Raven] will no longer be in sight,
Thus little by little will the great ones [Ascended Masters] be angered.
-Nostradamus (Century V Quatrain 65)

Of the regions subject to the Balance [cc:GESARA],
They will trouble the mountains with great war.
Captives the entire sex [females] enthralled and all Byzantium,
So that at dawn they will spread the news from land to land.
-Nostradamus (Century V Quatrain 70)

Those who were in the realm for knowledge [malevolent C.I.A.],
Will become impoverished at the change of King [The Nameless One].
Some exiled without support, having no gold,
The lettered and letters [renegade covert military] will not be at a high premium.
-Nostradamus (Century VI Quatrain 8)

Within the land of the great heavenly temple,
Nephew [Allah] murdered at London through feigned peace.
The bark will then become schismatic,
Sham liberty will be proclaimed everywhere.
-Nostradamus (Century VI Quatrain 22)

Chief of the world will the great Chyren [Chinese siren] be [E. Raven],
Plus Ultra behind [badonkadonk], loved, feared, dreaded.
His Her fame and praise will go beyond the heavens,
And with the sole title of Victor will he she be quite satisfied.
-Nostradamus (Century VI Quatrain 70)

Through the power of 3 temporal kings [The Nameless One, LORD Surea, LORD Kurea],
The sacred seat will be put in another place [LORD Ashtar].
Where the substance of the body and the spirit,
Will be restored and received as the true seat.
-Nostradamus (Century VIII Quatrain 99)

There will be peace, union and change,
Estates, offices, low high and high very low.
To prepare a trip [retirement of parents], the first offspring [of parents] torment,
War to cease, civil process, debates.
-Nostradamus (Century IX Quatrain 66)

The crafty King [The Nameless One] will understand his snares,
Enemies to assail from three sides [malevolent E.T. races].
A strange number tears from hoods [E.T.s],
The grandeur of the translator [J****** S****] will come to fail.
-Nostradamus (Century IX Quatrain 81)

Second and third [waves of Indigo Children] which make prime music [of the spheres],
By the King [The Nameless One] to be sublimated in honor.
Through the fat and the thin almost emaciated,
By the false report of Venus [Sunat Hunab Kumara] to be debased.
-Nostradamus (Century X Quatrain 28)

The great empire [The Galactic Federation], everyone would be of it,
One will come to obtain it over the others [benevolent E.T.s].
But his [The Nameless One] realm and state will be of short duration,
Two years will he be able to maintain himself on the sea.
-Nostradamus (Century X Quatrain 32)