version 2018.08.07


North = Sky/Cosmos
South = Ground (EARTH PЯIME)
Tao = Past/Beginning of Time
Dao = Future/End of Time

Beta = Thinking Mind
Alpha = NOW Mind
Theta/Beta = Evolving Higher Self Mind
Theta/Alpha = Present Higher Self Mind
Gamma = Salvation Mind
Omega = Source Mind
Delta = Multi-Dimensional Self Mind
Epsilon = Time Moving Forwards Mind
Lambda = Time Moving Backwards Mind

Level-3 Ascended Master Tri-Veca Map of Level-5 Ascended Masters

Level-1 Ascended Master Role Isolations
-Present Higher Self Mind for a 12D Avatar (Anchor/Seed/Originator)
-Salvation Mind for a 12D Avatar (Design/Template/Architect)
-Multi-Dimensional Self Mind Across Numerous 12D Avatars (Integrator/Connector/Dispenser)

Level-2 Ascended Master Role Isolations
-Thinking Mind (Linear Logical Reasoning)
-NOW Mind (Instinctive Adaptation via Natural Flow and Feel)
-Evolving Higher Self Mind (Permutation and Assimilation of Interdimensional Causalities)

Mu Waves
Embodiment of the human incarnate soul identity’s mind as its own highest self without the identity or blueprint of an aspiring Ascended Master that normally would have Avatar and/or Rishi identities.

Mu-Soul Humans (aka Illuminati Human v2.0 / METALBIOLOGY / Transhumanism) are energetically quarantined from Inner Creation and the Core of Creation by design since they have no dimensional frequency attribution above the 9th Dimension of their Oversoul Identity. Mu-Soul Humans won’t have the ability to embody other Avatar racial expressions besides being Human unless they undergo Bio-Regenesis Healing and Retraining and activate their 12-strand DNA potential. Those with Autism Spectrum Disorder and those that don’t ascend (whether unqualified or by choice) will be the candidates in participanting in the Illuminati Human v2.0 project.

Planetary Ascension, the Evolution of Our Souls, Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, and the Arrival of the Kingdom of Heaven