BetaAlphaTheta-GammaOmegaDeltaSigma (BAT-GODS)

North = Sky/Cosmos
South = Ground/Earth
Tao = Beginning/Back In Time
Dao = Future/End of Time
Beta = Thinking
Alpha = NOW
Theta = Youth
Gamma = Evolve
Omega = Source
Delta = RECycle

Mu Waves
Embodiment of the Human Incarnate Soul Identity As Its Own Highest Self Without Any Etheric Association With the Ascended Masters Fractal Hierarchy or the Oversoul/Avatar/Rishi Identities.

Mu-Soul Humans (aka Illuminati Human v2.0) are energetically quarantined from the Fabric of Creation by design since they have no dimensional frequency attribution above the 5D and thus have no access to Zero-Point Source Energy which occupies 6D-8D within Middle Creation. Humans with Autism Spectrum Disorder and those that don’t ascend (unqualified or by choice) will be the participants of the Illuminati Human v2.0 project.

Planetary Ascension, the Evolution of Our Souls, Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, and the Arrival of the Kingdom of Heaven