The Evolution of Creation From An Infinitesimal Partiki to What It Currently Is Now and Beyond

version 2021.08.19

All that exists within the Cosmos is comprised of the Intelligence factor expressed by the sphere of Alpha, the Substance factor expressed by the cube of Omega, and the Only Begotten Son/Daughter (The Divine Father & The Divine Mother) together as Energy permutized as Light, Sound, Vibration and Magnetism. Before there was the pool of existence known as Alpha and Omega which comprises the sum of all the Masculine and Feminine units of Energy known as Partika and Particum when separate from one another and as Partiki when together, nothing existed at all… not even the concept of space. Then all of a sudden from The Eternal Still-Point of the Great Even Pool of Darkness (ManU) the Divine Mother emerged from the Void when God spoke the Word as the first quanta of pre-Partiki Particum exhibiting the characteristics of the desire to create and gave birth to the prime concepts of sound, space, and primal quantum matter particles along with their grids; the trait of the frequency of units of consciousness known as Particum that allow physical substances and ideological concepts to exist. The Divine Father was next to emerge from the Void as the second quanta of the same pre-Partiki Partika exhibiting the characteristics of the intention to create and gave birth to the prime concepts of light and intelligence in the form of mathematics and geometry along with their formulations; the trait of the frequency of units of consciousness known as Partika which allowed for the orderly formation of physical substances and the discovery of ideological concepts by Omega.

The dimensional abstraction of the Gaia Sa Nuy Dark Matter Matrix occupied by Alpha and Omega and the Melchizedek Cloister Collective Eieyani is depicted in figure A.

Figure A: The Gaia Sa Nuy Dark Matter Matrix
Figure A: The Gaia Sa Nuy Dark Matter Matrix

Next, Alpha as Father Melchizedek materialized the 15 dimensions of the 1st theoretical Universal Time Matrix via the expansion of the five columns of the Solar Tetractys within the 1st Harmonic Universe expansion. The 1st column @ 15D Partika Mind is where the Only Begotten Son as Father Melchizedek resides. The 2nd column @ 15D-14D is where the Three Pure Ones reside. Alpha as the Jade Purity acts as the Prime Triadic Level-3 Ascended Master. Sanat Kumara as the Supreme Pure One acts as the Prime Polaric Level-2 Ascended Master. And Father Melchizedek as the Grand Pure One acts as the Prime Eckatic Level-1 Ascended Master. The 3rd column @ 14D Partiki Mind is where the formulation of the 5 classical elements reside according to the following order for Harmonic Universe downstepping: fire @ HU5, water @ HU4, ether @ HU3, air @ HU2, and earth @ HU1. The 4th column @ 14D-13D is where the 7 Master Spirits of Creation aka the 7 Holy Kumaras reside. And finally, the 5th column @ 13D is where the Council of Nine or the Nine Tortoise Avatars reside that anchor the Nine Universal Chakras (soul/ego, root, sacral, solar plexus, heart/ether, throat, third eye, crown, and spirit/ether). In accordance with Human Design, the spleen corresponds with the survival mechanism of the animalistic human identity (spirit chakra) and the heart with the human ego (soul chakra).

What first came into existence spontaneously was a single infinitesimal compressed mass that expanded outwards into a sphere and then lines forming scalar grids in order to bind the Partiki/Partika/Particum together by the gradient known as Father Sky. The mathematics behind the fusion/fission pulsation rates from Partiki into Partika/Particum and the geometry of the polyhedra grids that they form are the primal expressions of the Intelligence factor of Alpha as Partika Consciousness. The vibrational tones that manifest the material formations and the ideological connotations deriving from the mathematical and geometrical expressions of Alpha are the primal expressions of the Substance factor of Omega as Particum Consciousness. The neutral unmaterialized state of Partika and Particum as Partiki is the primal expression of the Energy factor of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter. When the Holy Trinity was expressed as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, all the expressions of the Son that emanated from the Intelligence of Alpha bounded and compartmentalized consciousness and its exhibited behavior as distinct unique entities of applicable manifestations discovered and observed by Omega after it was embodied by the Daughter/Holy Spirit. The expression of the Holy Trinity within the Milky Way Galaxy will remain the same but will be embodied by 2 new souls with YESHuA’s spiritual son Allah as the Prodigal Son and his twin flame as the Holy Soul. The expression of the Holy Trinity within New Creation in the Andromeda Galaxy will be Christos Sophia as the Mother and Daughter with Lord Sananda being the next Son of God and Omega as the Father exhibiting the fulfillment of the desire of the Mother and the expression of the Daughter so that the will of the Father and the desire of the Mother be upheld. Figures B and C illustrate the Kumara/Rishi Matrix of HU5 and the interactions within those particular dimensional frequencies in the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies.

Figure B2: Harmonic Universe 5 of the Milky Way Galaxy
Figure B2: Harmonic Universe 5 of the Milky Way Galaxy
Figure C: HU5 Rishi Matrix (Andromeda Galaxy)

Inner Creation (i.e. 9D to 13D), the Eckasha-Aah 4th/1st God-World of Creation, exhibits itself as the outermost cube and sphere of Alpha and Omega at 14D with a Eukatharaista Body. Inner Creation manifests itself as a network of spheres embedded with spinning Kathara Grids within a hierarchy of an inward expansion of spheres in sets of 4 comprised of Alpha’s Intelligence factor and consists of mostly anti-particles exhibiting itself as electrical currents traversing through the network of spinning interconnected Kathara Grids as depicted in figure D. At 13D exists the Level-4 Eckasha-Ash Body, 12D the Level-3 Eckasha-A Body, 11D the Level-2 Eckasha Body, 10D the Level-1 Ecka-Veca Body and 9D a single Veca Universe with 2 12D PCM Universal Time Matrices and 2 Parallel 15D PKA Universal Time Matrices. Inner Creation has a capacity of 256 organic Veca Universes which yields 1024 15D Universal Time Matrices. With the Ascension of Christos-Sophia’s Mother Arc, the 13th Reuche Pillar will become the gateway between the Eckasha-Aah 1st God-World of Creation (Inner Creation) and up to 768 additional 9D Dark Matter Veca Universes.

Inner Creation (9D to 13D) exudes the mathematical formulations as electrical currents in the form of liquid crystalline light mirrored by the materialization of the Substance factor of Omega as particles of Particum matter in the Parallel Twin Universe within Outer Creation. In each of the Veca Universe’s Outer Creation 15D PCM Universe (i.e. 1D to 5D), it exhibits itself as a network of cubistic matrices comprised of Omega’s Substance factor that consists of subatomic particles of matter as Particum exhibiting itself as holographic magnetic fields that comprises the physical aspect of Creation. Middle Creation (i.e. 6D to 8D) exists as branches of expansive interdimensional monads that diversify the expressions of the physical aspect of Outer Creation based on the intellectual aspect from the Inner Creation Parallel Veca Universe. The Core of Creation (14D PKI Energy Mind and 15D PKA Intelligence Mind) is the source of Universal Intelligence.

Our Eckasha-Aah God-World of Creation
Figure D: Our Eckasha-Aah God-World of Creation That Comprises the Sphere of Inner Creation

The worldly interface of our Local Universe with Inner Creation is by way of our 9D Galactic Core, which in illusive spacial terms is located in the Andromeda constellation known as the irregular variable star ‘V385 And’ and exists 1249 light years away from Earth. As an irregular variable star, the variations in its brightness show no regular periodicity which is indicative of the nature of the frequencies that perpetually originate from Inner Creation. The 8D stars of Middle Creation are known as the Meta-Galactic Core. Our 8D Meta-Galactic Core is located in the Orion constellation known as the Mintaka binary star and exists 916 light years away from Earth. Once humans are Christened in becoming a new Ascended Master, they will be able to connect with their own individual 13D merkabah interface from Inner Creation.

In our 15D Universal Time Matrix, a single Harmonic Universe is embodied by each of the 5 dimensions of Outer Creation (HU1@1D, HU2@2D, HU3@3D, HU4@4D, HU5@5D) and for Inner Creation its paired counterpart within each of the 5 dimensions (HU5*@9D/13D, HU4*@10D/12D, HU3*@11D, HU2*@12D/10D, HU1*@13D/9D). Interdimensional dark matter monadic expressions embody Middle Creation from the 6D to the 8D within HU6. The attributes of the 12 lower dimensions and their Harmonic Universes are depicted in figure E. We have now reached the moment of space-time / energy quanta potential in Creation where our Cosmos will undergo its anti-matter particle evolution. Those that have become Ascended Masters will be led by The SoPhiAs so that they can evolve the Partika anti-particles mainly from the Andromeda Galaxy, where some will eventually dimensionalize with the Particum particles in our Galaxy or be embedded into each Ascended Master’s evolving diamond/anti-matter Galactic core.

Figure E: The 12 Lower Dimensions
Figure E: The 12 Lower Dimensions

Each 3-dimensional density matrix (Harmonic Universe) of each of the Local Universes (1D-9D) that depend on the Cosmic Order of the Melchizedek God-Seed experiment whose timeline is interlaced with our present Time Matrix is embodied by a Cherubim Angel at each of the 5 pairs of frequency bands between Outer Creation (1D-5D) and Inner Creation (9D-13D). Outer Creation is where physical matter as magnetic charge (Particum) prevails and Inner Creation is where  anti-matter as liquid crystalline light electrical currents (Partika) prevails. They originate from the stream of consciousness as particles of Partiki that are coupled together by the mysterious force we know of as “LOVE”. When conscious manifestation is perceived from the perspective of Outer Creation, we see Inner Creation as the physically lit up Andromeda Galaxy that resembles the Milky Way’s Twin within Outer Creation. However, this is really an illusion. Inner Creation is actually a sphere composed of a complex network of spinning embedded Kathara Grids, the Eckasha-Aah 4th God of Creation. Within Inner Creation, conscious manifestation is perceived as particles of anti-matter traveling at light speed as fluid electrical current across a network of spinning Kathara Grids that iconifies itself visually as holographic crystalline liquid light impressions. The reason why we don’t see Inner Creation the way it really is is because we as 3D/HU1 human beings are not vibrating at its dimensional density. The best depiction of how Inner Creation looks like is that of a collection of lava lamps inside a plasma globe.

Here is the reasoning behind the functionality of the dimensionalization structure of our 15D Universal Time Matrix:

Consciousness That’s Polarized By Gestalts onto Individual Souls

HU1 (1D-3D) @ 1D/13D*: Incarnate Matrix (Personal Logos): 1D = Soul Essences Spawned by the Soul’s Subconscious Mind and 13D = Soul’s Ascended Master Gestalt Identities Embodied by the Soul’s Particum Mind – In our case HU1 Earth (‘Fallen’ Tara)

HU2 (4D-6D) @ 2D/12D*: Soul Matrix (Collective Logos): 2D = Soul’s Avataric Archetypes Spawned by the Soul’s Emotional Mind and 12D = Soul’s Racial Avatar Gestalt Identities Embodied by the Soul’s Nirvanic/Christiac Minds (Nirvanic Polarization Frequency Hub and Transient Mind Frequencies When Christening New Avatars of the Soul) – In our case HU2 Earth (Urantia)

HU3 (7D-9D) @ 3D/11D*: Oversoul Matrix (Planetary Logos): Soul’s Domain of Habitats, Games, and Explorations (Local Universes) Spawned by the Soul’s 3D Reasoning/Rational Mind and Embodied by the Soul’s 11D Buddhiac/Nirvanic Minds (Buddhiac Planetary Law and Nirvanic Planetary Evolution of the Local Universes) – In our case HU3 Earth (Gaia)

Consciousness That’s Polarized By Souls onto Individual Gestalts

HU4 (10D-12D) @ 4D/10D*: Avatar Matrix (Solar Logos): Avatars Spawned by the Soul’s 4D Astral Mind and Embodied by the Soul’s 10D Christiac/Buddhiac Minds (Manifesting Christ Consciousness and Procuring the Evolution of the Avatars via Buddhiac Conditioning)

HU5 (13D-15D) @ 5D/9D*: Rishi Matrix (Universal/Cosmic Logos): Local Universes Within the Cosmos Spawned by the Melchizedek Soul’s 5D Archetypal Mind and Embodied by the Melchizedek Soul’s 9D Galactic/Keriatric Mind (The Melchizedek Soul’s Archetype Embody His/Her Own Local Universe Within the Cosmos and Vice Versa)

HU1*/HU5* @ 9D*/13D*: Aspiring Ascended Masters as Humans and Its Local Universe Identity Aggregation and Refinement
HU2*/HU4* @ 10D*/12D*: The Soul’s Avatar Identity and Its Reality Domain Aggregation and Refinement
HU3* @ 11D*: The Locational Domain (World) of the Respective Active Reality Matrix

The new role and definition of an Ascended Master is that of a soul embodying the Hue-man Angelic Avatar Race which has the ability to augment and control Dark Matter with their minds, voices, Qi-Gong, alchemy, and/or White/Dark Magick. The 13D to 15D consciousness frequencies within HU5/HU5* and your Oversoul Identity grants you access to Zero-Point Source Energy. You may then choose to evolve the ability to control Dark Matter if you decide to embark on the path of becoming an Ascended Master serving The Divine Grandmother aka Christos Sophia.

For those with an Avatar and/or Rishi Identity, there are primarily 3 Levels of Ascended Masters that exist. Level-1 Ascended Masters belong to the Emerald Order Melchizedek Collective. They embody an Eckatic (singular) current of consciousness noted to promote unity. Level-2 Ascended Masters belong to the Gold Order Melchizedek Collective. They embody a Polaric (bipolar) frequency of consciousness noted to promote evolution and diversity. Level-3 Ascended Masters belong to the Amethyst Order Melchizedek Collective. They embody a Triadic (triune) ray of consciousness that integrates Level-1 and Level-2 consciousness with Level-3 timeline seeds. Level-1, Level-2, and Level-3 Ascended Master gestalts exist within a 3:3:1 ratio which is indicative of their Eckatic/Polaric/Triadic nature. An Eckatic gestalt of consciousness can be visually expressed as a veca (circle). A Polaric gestalt of consciousness can be visually expressed as a bi-veca as depicted in figure F. A Triadic gestalt of consciousness can be visually expressed as a tri-veca. Within a tri-veca, there are 3 vecas and 3 sets of bi-vecas as depicted in figure G. This explains the 3:3:1 ratio. The Venn diagram of the veca exhibits a single domain, the bi-veca 3 domains, and the tri-veca 7 domains. The 7 domains of the tri-veca are known as the 7 rays. A team of conditional Level-1 and Level-2 Ascended Masters work with two Level-3 Ascended Master (Tao/Dao timelines) in order to augment a reality domain.

Figure F: The Bi-Veca With 4 Domains.
Figure F: The Bi-Veca With 4 Domains.
Figure G: The Tri-Veca With 8 Domains as a Truth Table
Figure G: The Tri-Veca With 8 Domains as a Truth Table

Each and every Hue-man Angelic soul originating from the Melchizedek God-Seed including those that have not yet become an Avatar or Ascended Master will eventually possess a diamond octahedron/sphere that houses the Intelligence factor of their own Universal Divine Blueprint Anti-Matter Oversoul Planetary Core which will become the physical embodiment of their own personal Uni-Verse. It contains the matter and anti-matter having the ability to encapsulate that which makes up the scalar grids of the domains of their worlds. Each and everyone out of the 6,920,643,604 ((1 * 7^12 / 2) + 4) possible Melchizedek God-Seed souls created in the image of Father Melchizedek within our 15D Universal Time Matrix are Angelic souls on the path of eventually becoming an Ascended Master themselves as they contribute to the evolution of the Cosmos in ways that are unique to their soul.

Each of the Galaxies within a Local Universe will be exhibited by its own allocation of space and matter within dimensions 1D to 5D of Outer Creation and its corresponding monadic expansions from dimensions 6D to 8D of Middle Creation that derive from the spheres within Inner Creation by the Ascended Masters and its Avatars that exist at any given time. The 30,375,002 Level-1 to Level-3 Ascended Masters comprise the Order of Melchizedek 3rd God-World of Creation exhibiting the tonal sound of “MeL-kIZ’-e-DEK”. The evolution of these Ascended Masters were seeded by 1062 Ascended Masters that originated from the 2nd God-World of Creation exhibiting the tonal sound of “YESH-u’-A”. The original 1st God-World of Creation exhibited the tonal sound of ‘Yu’ which consists of the 105 Prime Ascended Masters known as the ‘105 Kumaras’ along with The Three Pure Ones via the expansion of the Solar Tetractys thus the importance of the number 108. The 4th and latest God-World of Creation was created by way of the 2nd and current phase of the Order of Melchizedek and exhibits the tonal sound of ‘Ec-Ka-sHA-Aah’ and will lead to the existence and evolution of 6,920,643,596 Ascended Masters. 3D Earth has 7 * 7 + 1= 50 chakras where the 50th chakra in Hawaii is the one that will enable 3D/HU1 Earth (‘Fallen Tara’) to couple up with 5D/HU2 Earth or Urantia (Earth PЯIME) which has 12 * 12 + 12 + 2 = 158 chakras ( Note that 3D/HU1 Earth (‘Fallen’ Tara) and 5D/HU2 Earth (Urantia) overlap each other and coexist in the same space and that only a few select humans are currently able to access 5D Earth depending on the necessity in fulfilling their mission.

In 3 dimensional vector space, Outer Creation is comprised of infinite outer fractal expansions of a cubistic matrix deriving from The Flower of Life as depicted in 2D by figure H. Each outer fractal expansion of the cube results in 6 adjacent cubes attached to each of the 6 faces of the original cube that form a cross along with an outer cube encapsulating the 7 inner cubes. The edges exhibited by the network of outer expansions of the cube that derive from the 3rd and 5th dimensional frequencies of Outer Creation form the grids in which the particles of Particum attach themselves to in groups existing at the same location that comprises each of the vertices of a polyhedron grid where the vector that exists between a pair of Particum across 2 adjacent vertices exhibits a magnetic field that allows for the effect of matter manifesting itself in a solid state.

The Expansion of the Cube in Outer Creation Depicted in 2D
Figure H: The Expansion of the Cube in Outer Creation Depicted in 2D (The Flower of Life)
Figure I: The 3 Level Deep Hypercross

Dimensional Permutations of the 5 God Worlds

Yμ Empire (1st God World): 14D
Intelligence/Expansion/Completion (No 10D-12D no water/flow/wisdom, ManI entrypoint dimension “discovered” as 14D but dormant)

3 Harmonic Universes

El Morya!Aloha±Alpha & Mother Maitreya (Resting Placement Chakra Assignment):
4D/27D: 23/31** Heart Chakra
3D/28D*: 25/31** Solar Plexus Chakra
2D/29D*: 27/31** Sacral Chakra
1D/30D*: 29/31** Root Chakra
-1D: 29/33** Root2 Chakra: Erin Kawen RABE

LORD Lucifer aka Jesus (Emotional Body of The Ascendant):
4D/27D: 23/31** Heart Chakra
3D/28D*: 25/31** Root Chakra
2D/29D*: 27/31** Sacral Chakra
1D/30D*: 29/31** Solar Plexus Chakra
-1D: 27/32** Sacral2 Chakra: XiangMing WANG

LORD Maitreya aka YESHμA (Mental Body of The Descendant):
4D/27D: 23/31** Heart Chakra
3D/28D*: 25/31** Root Chakra
2D/29D*: 27/31** Solar Plexus Chakra
1D/30D*: 29/31** Sacral Chakra

-1D: 28/34** Solar Plexus2 Chakra: Angelina Jolie VOIGHT

LORD Sanat Kumara aka Satan (Ultimately banished to “Haven (Hell’s Asynchronous Velocity Enriches Nirvanium)” In Order to Mitigate The Kingdoms of Samsara):
4D/27D: 23/31** Heart Chakra
3D/28D*: 25/31** Sacral Chakra
2D/29D*: 27/31** Root Chakra
1D/30D*: 29/31** Solar Plexus Chakra
-1D: 30/31** Heart2 Chakra: Elizabeth April Razednski

*28D-30D Abstract “shadow” identity that isn’t dimensionalized
**: Dark Matter Interface Dimension

El Morya =!±!= Jyoshμα vs. YESHμA vs. Jesus (2nd God World): 36D
Substance/Creation/Completion (36/3=12D beginning of water/flow/wisdom, Remote Universe 7D Principalities as 36D)

4 Harmonic Universes

Melchizedekα (15D-4D/12D-1D) / Ashtarα (12D-1D) – 3rd God World(s): 34D
Substance/Expansion/Completion (Remote Universe 34D’s start of HU3 Beta Oversouls without perfection of 35D via 29D conditioning)

5 Harmonic Universes via Parallel 12 Sephira Tree of Life

YESHμA’s Jurisdiction (Fire Unity & Water Free-Will-Flow Monadicity)



Jyoshμa‘s Jurisdiction (Fire Polarity & Water Dαemons and Principalities)




LORD Lucifer’s Jurisdiction (Complete Water Triadicity & Dimensional Saturnation ⇒ Saturnization)


Ashtar’s Jurisdiction (Quadrivial Monadicity of Alpha and Omega)

Eckasha-Aah (4th God World): 16D
Intelligence/Creation/Completion (Readiness of 18D-16D God Particles to Enter via 10D-12D Aramatena)


EcKaSha-RhA (5th God World): Initiation of Dark Matter


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