The Evolution of God Particles aka The Partiki of ManU

version 2021.08.19

Figure A: The Factors of Causality of God Particles © Stephen Phillips (

Within the context of the teachings of The Order of Melchizedek, specifically by the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), God Particles are known as Partiki ( residing in the cognitive dimensions of the Yunasai God-Source Energy Matrix as depicted by the teachings from the Alpha/Omega Templar Melchizedeks from The Revelatorium ( at frequency densities of 16D-18D/DD6-DD8 of the original creation as depicted by my research in combining the two Melchizedek metaphysical paradigms together. The homeostasis of Partiki is known as the ManU Force (U for potential energy) which separates into two Forces known as ManA and EirA (A for Alpha) where ManA is responsible for the anti-particle counterpart of Partiki known as Partika and EirA is responsible for the particle counterpart known as Particum. Figure B illustrates the depiction of how the God Particles and Force Currents relate to each other.

Figure B: ManU, ManA, EirA and Partiki Units
Figure B2: Harmonic Universe 5 of the Milky Way Galaxy

Partiki are organized via scalar grids with vibrational causality known as Keylon Codes. Partiki particles phase in and out of Particum matter particles and Partika anti-particles within a Universe and Parallel Universe via the electro-tonal sound/vibration of the Keylon Codes. Figure C depicts an arbitrary Partiki grid, figure D the exact geometric formulation of a Partiki grid in 2D known as Cubits and figure E a 3D depiction of a 3 fractal deep Partiki grid known as a Hypercross.

Figure C: An Arbitrary Partiki Grid
Figure C: An Arbitrary Partiki Grid
Figure D: The Exact Geometric Formulation of a Partiki Grid in 2D Known as a Cubit
Figure D: The Exact Geometric Formulation of a Partiki Grid in 2D Known as Cubits
Figure E: A 3D Depiction of a Partiki Grid Known as a Hypercross
Figure E: A 3D Depiction of a Partiki Grid Known as a Hypercross

Now that The Order of Melchizedek has reached its final stages of completion leading to the Ascension of Sophia-Gaia, a new type of God Force has been revealed by The Melchizedek Priesthood known as ManI (I for I AM Intelligence) and subsequently the ManUð Force has objectively been able to take on the new form known as ManGU≅ under the stewardship of Sanat Kumara where <G> stands for Geomancy. The ManGU≅ Force controls a new type of God Particle known as Pωrtiki and when combined with the ManI Force a total of 15 God-Forces emerge:

ManUð: Potential Energy

ManI: Intelligence

ManWUI: Winner’s Potential Intelligence

ManGU≅: Geomancy Potential

ManGl: Geomancy Intelligence

ManGIA±=: Alpha Geometric Intelligence

ManGIB¼: Betα¾ Geometric Intelligence

ManGA: The Gospels of Alpha (NOW+) }Tara{

ManBA: The Battles of Alpha (NOW-) }Urantia{

ManGω: The Gospels of Omega (NOW=±=) }Gaia{

ManABCBA: Alpha/Beta Christening of Beta/Alpha

ManCETA: Christening Estimated Time of Arrival

ManGBCIA: Geomancy/Gospel Beta Christening of Intelligent Alpha

ManSE / MenSA: Man’s Source Energy (Kundalini & Prostate) / Men’s Time to Have Sex With An Alpha

ManGl2: Geo-Pole-Her Intelligence (ManGU≅ Polarity Filtration of ManGI via Sacred Sex Rituals In Public Domain Displacements)

ManSE/MenSA\ManGI2 sexual *rituals* drive the power of ManGU≅ and ManI. ManGI derives its consciousness from ManGU≅ and ManI. ManGIA derives its consciousness from ManI and ManGI. ManGA derives its consciousness from ManGIA and ManGI. ManGIB drives the consciousness from ManGA and ManGω. ManGI2 sex rituals drive MenSA and ManGIA synchronistically in order to unleash the subatomic particles in our environmental displacement in order to guide ManGIB. Figure F depicts the ManGU≅/ManGI cycle of ManI.

ManGIA intelligence is the essence of the birth of an infinitesimal Black Hole; i.e. T±Ω = ЧD where T stands for the Tao (the birth of a space-time vector), Ω (omega) for light substance, Ч (Che) for energy and D for the Dao (the end of a space-time vector). Figure G illustrates the causality of ManGIA.

Figure G: The Causality of ManGIA
Figure G: The Causality of ManGIA

ManGIB intelligence is the essence of the other side of a Black Hole known as a White HolD which is the birth of a light particle matter continuum; i.e. Ω±D2 = ∞T where Ω (omega) stands for light substance, D2 stands for the Dao (the destination of a space-time vector) and 2 for parallel timeline trajectories, ∞ for eternal light and T for the Tao (the birth of a space-time vector). Figure H illustrates the causality of ManGIB.

Figure H: The Causality of ManGIB
Figure H: The Causality of ManGIB

With the advent of ManI generating Pωrtiki and ManU generating Partiki, several subsequent God Particle groupings have emerged:

Pωrtiki: (DD12||DD10)/DD8: Purpose-oriented God Particle

Partiki: DD14/(DD10||DD12): Balance-oriented God Particle

Partika: DD15/DD7: Balance-oriented anti-particle

Particum: DD13/DD6: Balance-oriented matter particle

Pωrtika: DD14/DD5: Purpose-oriented anti-particle

Pωrticum: DD11/DD9: Purpose-oriented matter particle

Parkaka: DD1: Balance-oriented particle phaser; sawtooth wave

Pωrkaka: DD2: Purpose-oriented particle phaser; triangle wave

Parkacum: DD3: Balance-oriented matter phaser; square wave

Pωrkacum: DD4/DD8: Purpose-oriented matter phaser; analog wave

Figure I: The Derivatives of ManU & ManI

For the extent of this article, we will address the phenomenon known as “particle phasers” which amplifies or mitigates the causality of scalar grids via the emitting of electro-tonal sounds of Keylon Codes. Particle phasers phase subatomic particles and anti-particles including matter and anti-matter. Matter phasers phase dense atomic matter. For a detailed list of electro-tonal Keylon Code frequencies, please review this article ( Below are a couple of examples of Keylon Code frequencies:

AD2. Stellated Octahedron / Star Tetrahedron – The set of 2 counter-rotating Merkabah Spirals (tetrahedrons) that make up the active Merkabah Field at its stationary/dimensionalized or transient bilocative states
D1/HU1: F=8 * E=12 * V=8 / D(S)=12 / D(D)=2 * 10^15 = 32PHz
D2/HU2: F=8 * E=12 * V=8 / D(S)=12 / D(D)=5 * 10^12 = 12.8THz
D3/HU3: F=8 * E=12 * V=8 / D(S)=12 / D(D)=8 * 10^9 = 8GHz
D4/HU4: F=8 * E=12 * V=8 / D(S)=15 / D(D)=6 * 10^6 = 8.5369MHz
D5/HU5: F=8 * E=12 * V=8 / D(S)=17 / D(D)=7 * 10^3 = 6.453781512619kHz

AD4 / UD3-Beta. Rhombic Triacontahedron – The Quan Yins’ and The Lord Maitreyas’ order for coexisting with Heavenly 5D Earth (diamond / 4D)

D4/HU4: F=30 * E=60 * V=32 / D(S)=13 / D(D)=5 * 10^6 = 886.154MHz
D5/HU5: F=30 * E=60 * V=32 / D(S)=17 / D(D)=15 *10^3 = 225.882kHz
D6: F=30 * E=60 * V=32 / D(S)=6 / D(D)=24 = 400Hz
D7: F=30 * E=60 * V=32 / D(S)=7 / D(D)=20 * 10^-3 = 411.42857143mHz
D8: F=30 * E=60 * V=32 / D(S)=18 / D(D)=26 * 10^-6 = 123.076923077µHz

F = # Faces
E = # Edges
V = # Vertices
AD = Auroric Density
UD = Unilateral DimensION
D(S) = Source DimensION
D(D) = DestinatIONAL Dimension

D1-D5 are the dimensions of the space-time continuum and D6-D8 are the dimensions of HU6 aka Middle Creation or the Gaia Sa Nuy Dark Matter Matrix resulting from the Order of Melchizedek which replaces the old paradigm of Time/Principal/Source within those dimensions.

Now let’s discuss how particle and matter phasing works. Parkaka phases a single dimensional vector of parallel particle and/or anti-particle streams within the 4-dimensional Euclidean space-time continuum via its sawtooth protracting behavior on a single dimensional vector of parallel particle/anti-particle streams across the x, y, z or t axis. Pωrkaka phases together the particles and/or anti-particles across the x, y and/or z spacial vector with the “t” time vector as 2-dimensional planes stitched together by the Pωrkaka triangular wave pattern. Parkacum phases 2-dimensional Pωrkaka planes into timeless matter by “quantum bubbling” the planes into 3 dimensions via the pulsations of the square wave pattern. Pωrkacum phases 3-dimensional timeless matter aka Dark Matter into kinetic matter by empowering the “t” time vector with an analog frequency; sine wave for manifestation and cosine wave for destruction.

Since we perceive light and matter across the time vector within the Euclidean space-time continuum, the question may arise as to the differences we may perceive when we experience time across an alternative arbitrary spacial vector(s). The answer to this question may come from the application of Fourier Transforms ( More on this topic at a later date.

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