The PURPOSE OF Drug Addiction

version 2020.11.11

I would like to explain God’s purpose for drug addiction. It is not for us to enjoy the experience nor for us to experience the suffering. Well, not the main reason at least. It is because the human body has evolved to the point in this day and age to become an alchemical conduit in order for us to accelerate the evolution of Sophia-Gaia.

Here is the story about my drug addiction. I started out trying cannabis in high school but was never addicted to it until I got to college. In college was when I first experimented with cocaine and ecstasy. I became addicted to ecstasy in order to open up my heart chakra. After that was over I became a cocaine addict for 14 years in order to magnify my solar plexus chakra and supplement my will to live in spite of my severe depression. At my worst times I was doing four 8-balls every week.

To all those that this article reaches out to, WE ARE ALL HEROES! BELIEVE IT! Despite how shitty our lives have been and the guilt we had to live with, our souls agreed to take on the curse of drug addiction in order to serve the purpose of evolving creation and manifest God’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. BUT NOW IT IS UP TO YOU TO ENFORCE YOUR WILLPOWER TO OVERCOME YOUR ADDICTION THAT NO LONGER SERVES A PURPOSE SO THAT YOU CAN PARTAKE IN GOD’S PLAN FOR YOUR OWN DIVINE BLUEPRINT AND PROPERLY FUNCTION AS AN EVOLVING HUMAN ANGEL.

Here is the list of the alchemical scientific purpose for our drug addictions:

  • Heroine (HERO-IN-ENERGY): grounding God particles (negative charge)
  • Cocaine (COCK-IN-ENERGY): receiving God particles (positive charge)
  • Crystal Meth (THE CRYSTALIZATION METHOD): silica crystallization (neutral charge)
  • MDMA: alchemical awakening and union using your heart chakra

Over the course of our drug addiction, we have most likely done all four substances but gravitated more towards one substance than another others. Personally, cocaine dominated my life but I have tried crystal meth twice in college to begin the alchemical crystallization process in my auric field and heroin/cocaine (speedball) twice around Dec 21 2012 in order to commence the Hunab Ku.

We hope that this information helps you heal the pain and judgment you’ve experienced from your drug addiction so that you may be forgiven and that true forgiveness is in knowing that there is nothing to forgive.

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