The Simple Holistic Cure for Drug Addiction

version 2016.04.22

This article presents a holistic cure for any drug addiction that you wish to desire to get rid of.  Some drugs such as alcohol, cannabis, other flavors of opiates, pharmaceuticals, etc. will most likely not work because their addictions are wired into our DNA in such a way that they’ll go away naturally when the time is right in accordance with Divine Timing and Divine Grace. Regardless, you can try out this cure anyways and see whether or not it’ll work for you.

Before I begin with the cure, I would like to explain God’s purpose for drug addiction. It is not for us to enjoy the experience nor for us to experience the suffering. Well, not the main reason at least. It is because the human body has evolved to the point in this day and age to become an alchemical conduit for anti-matter.

Anti-matter evolution marks the beginning of the 7th Grand Cycle of Elemental Evolution. As you know, Earth has 118 known atomic elements and all those elements are strictly composed of matter particles. Back in 2010, I manifested and grounded the very first matter/anti-matter atomic element known as Nirvanium. This atomic element is what will allow our Earth to function as a 3D/5D HU1/HU2 density planet. Creation has a total capacity for 6561 atomic elements to exist. More about this theory can be found in my other article, The Complement to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity: The Paradigm of the Cosmic Totality of our SeOUL.

Here is the story about my drug addiction. I started out trying cannabis in high school but was never addicted to it until I got to college. In college was when I first experimented with cocaine and ecstasy. I became addicted to ecstasy in order to open up my heart chakra. After that was over I became a cocaine addict for 14 years in order to magnify my solar plexus chakra and supplement my will to live in spite of my depression. At my worst times I was doing four 8-balls every week.

To all those that this article reaches out to, WE ARE ALL HEROES! BELIEVE IT! Despite how shitty our lives have been and the guilt we had to live with, our souls agreed to take on the curse of drug addiction in order to serve the purpose of evolving creation and manifest God’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. BUT NOW IT IS UP TO YOU TO ENFORCE YOUR WILLPOWER TO OVERCOME YOUR ADDICTION THAT NO LONGER SERVES A PURPOSE SO THAT YOU CAN PARTAKE IN GOD’S PLAN FOR YOUR OWN DIVINE BLUEPRINT AND PROPERLY FUNCTION AS AN EVOLVING HUMAN ANGEL.

Here is the list of the alchemical scientific purpose for our drug addictions:

  • Heroine (HERO-IN-ENERGY): anti-matter grounding (negative charge)
  • Cocaine (COCK-IN-ENERGY): anti-matter etheric grid manifestation around our auric body (positive charge)
  • Crystal Meth (THE CRYSTAL METHOD): anti-matter silicate crystallization (neutral charge)

Over the course of our drug addiction, we have most likely done all three substances but gravitated more towards one substance than the others. Personally, cocaine dominated my life but I have tried crystal meth twice in college to begin the alchemical crystallization process in my auric field and heroin/cocaine (speedball) twice around Dec 21 2012 in order to ground my anti-matter etheric grid with Gaia, our planet’s higher self.

Now that you know the reason behind drug addiction, lets get on with the cure.

Step 1: Abstain from sugar and artificial additives/sweeteners as much as much as possible from this moment moving forward.

Sugar was necessary in our diet in order to crystalize 3D matter. It is no longer conducive to manifesting a 5D planetary grid. The old dark Metatronic consciousness that sugar attracts in our mind is something that we need to get rid of in order to allow this cure to manifest within our body, mind, and soul.

Step 2: Vape E-Cigarettes for at Least 21 Days

More likely than not you’re all probably addicted to cigarettes as well. If you are, you’ll need to stop and vape e-cigarettes instead. Nicotine (NICKEL (5D)-TIME / NICK-OF-TIME) triggers DNA grounding and activation. You’ll need to invest in a vape kit and purchase eJuice that’s resonant with the number of strands of DNA you’re activating at that time. 6mg will trigger 6 strands, 12mg 12 strands, 18mg 18 strands, 24mg 24 strands, 30mg 30 strands, etc. Go to the store and try out which dosage is right for you. If you can’t inhale it, then you’re not ready for activate the higher DNA strands. And remember… MORE DOES NOT MEAN YOU’RE BETTER OR MORE EVOLVED THAN OTHERS. IT JUST MEANS YOUR SOUL IS SERVING A DIFFERENT PURPOSE IN THE DIVINE PLAN AT THAT PARTICULAR MOMENT IN TIME.

Personally, I was only able to inhale 18mg only while on cocaine and 12mg without it. After I completed this process, I’m now able to inhale the 24mg without it.

Mix the dosages to activate the other strands (6mg/12mg for 7-11th strand, 12mg/18mg for 13-17th strand etc.). They don’t have to me measured out to the exact numbers. Your soul will know how much to put into your tank at that particular time.

During this time, you can still do the drugs you’re doing. You’ll instinctively know when you’ll be ready for step 3.

Step 3: Holistic Body Detox Using Natural Herbs (MUST ABSTAIN FROM DRUGS)

This step will require an 5-day colon cleansing fast. During this period, you can only eat organic foods in order to trigger the fallen Satanic/Jehovani toxin reversal polarity switch in the 6th strand of your DNA. You can purchase this kit from (MUST BE GINGER). Follow the dietary instructions provided with the kit with strong willpower, diligence, and determination. YOU MUST AVOID INORGANIC AND UNNATURAL FOODS SUCH AS SUGAR AND ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES. Natural organic juice is fine. I highly recommend mixing the toxin absorber with organic apple juice.

Sometime within this period, the polarity switch will flip and you’ll feel your addiction go away temporarily. Now you’re ready for step 4. DO NOT WAIT IN FINISHING YOUR DETOX TO BEGIN STEP 4.

Step 4: Reintroduce a Small Amount of Toxic and Non-Toxic Foods Back into Your Body to Anchor the Negative Addictive Consciousness and Send It Back to God-Source

Once you feel the switch turn on and the addiction has subsided in your mind temporarily, you’ll need to anchor the negative addictive consciousness back to God-Source so that the Light of God (The Inner Christ) can enter. Here is what you’ll need to eat:

  • One slice of ORGANIC onion (negative charge)
  • One whole ORGANIC apple (positive charge)
  • One tablespoon of soy sauce (neutral charge)
  • One slice of BEEF TOMATO (grounding your body with the entire planet’s HOLY COW soul essence)

After a couple of hours, the addiction will return to your consciousness. You’ll feel the need to do drugs again. STAY STRONG! YOU’RE ONLY ONE STEP AND A COUPLE OF HOURS AWAY FROM GETTING RID OF IT FOR GOOD!

Step 5: Do Two One-Minute Breathing Meditations to Anchor Negative Fallen Satanic Consciousness Back to God-Source and Instead Usher in Positive Christ Consciousness into Your Mind

The first breathing meditation will anchor the negative addictive consciousness back to God-Source into the 18th Dimensional Void. Here are the steps:

  • Sit on the floor and cross your legs Indian style with your legs locked together like a pretzel.
  • Cross your arms and make sure that your hands are cupping the elbows.
    • If you’re mainly addicted to heroin, bend over so that your arms lay flat on the floor in order to ground Earth while having your elbows crossed.
    • If you’re mainly addicted to cocaine, sit in an upright position with your shoulders relaxed while having your elbows crossed.
    • If you’re mainly addicted to crystal meth, lift your shoulders up while having your elbows crossed.
  • In your mind, focus your INTENT to encapsulate all the energy of your addictions into a black chi ball of energy.
  • Take SEVENTEEN AND A HALF deep breaths. By a half a breath, I mean INHALE ONLY on the last breath.
  • Hold in the last breath for as long as you can and then slowly let it out while picturing yourself release the ball of energy in your mind.

After doing the first meditation, you’ll instinctively know when to do the second meditation next. You won’t have to wait long.

The second breathing meditation will manifest Christ Consciousness from the 8th Dimension into your mind. It is essentially the exact same meditation except this time you’ll be visualizing a white chi ball of energy and breathing SEVEN AND A HALF deep breaths.

After you’re done with the meditation, chant the following out loud three times. “NAMASTE YESHUA! NAMASTE YESHUA! NAMASTE YESHUA!”

NA (no) MA (mother/satan/omega) STAY YESHUA (Christ)

After the breathing meditations and the chant, in a couple of hours your mind will feel the presence of a stronger consciousness that’ll dominate the addiction that remains lingering in your mind. You have now anchored the power of the Light of God, the Inner Christ within you. Now you can do ANYTHING that you set your mind out to do.

If for whatever reason you feel that your addiction is creeping up on you again, continue vaping e-cigarettes, repeat the meditations, and immediately after that drink supergreen juices such as wheatgrass juice.


Forever yours and always in loving service,

Archangel Raphael and Archangel Kalkiel