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The Year of 2018, The 18 Dimensions and The Gathering of “The 144,000 Chosen Ones”

Happy 2018! We have reached the monumental year of the 2018 ascension, the year where all our hard work as Lightworkers, Indigos, and/or Starseeds will finally pay off! No more “empty promises” like on December 21 2012, September 23 2017, etc., although those alignments of conscious intentions via the Law of Attraction had to happen in order for us to get to where we are today. This is THE YEAR when it all finally happens! And if you’re reading this right now, you can count on the fact that you indeed belong at the very forefront of this movement, an event that is so paramount that it has never ever happened before in the history of all of Creation!

December 25 2018 marks the end of the 19 year Stellar Activation Cycle. During this period, the planetary consciousness grid known as Gaia and the individual consciousness of Lightworkers awakened as the second wave of Indigos preparing us for our Light Body DNA activations. We all have strands of DNA that are invisible to the naked eye and most of us will be embodying at least 12 strands of DNA once the ascension is complete. Back on August 21 2017 right after the Lions Gate activations and the Total Solar Eclipse, our Earth finally integrated with the Harmonic Universe 2 (HU2) vibrations of Urantia aka “Earth Pяime”. 2018 marks the year of the awakening of the third wave of Lightworkers, whether they be of Indigo, Crystal, or Rainbow in vibration. In this article I will attempt to explain how our reality and the 18 different dimensions and densities (DD) work and help you find out whether or not you’re one of the “144,000 Chosen Ones” as predicted in the Book of Revelation of the Bible.

Our Parallel Universe

Our planet Earth is unique and special because it embodies the intelligence (IN-TELL-LIE-THEN-SEE) of our entire Cosmos in the form of consciousness and manifest matter. There is an alternate anti-matter planet of paradise located in our Parallel Universe in the Andromeda Galaxy known as Aramatena. Our Earth is directly linked to Aramatena in order for us to manifest the upcoming “impossible realities” thanks to the beings that reside in the Andromeda frequency. They will serve as our spirit guides during the upcoming ascension in interfacing with the rest of the Cosmos outside of the Milky Way Galaxy. For those that are not ascending to 5D Urantia during this ascension cycle, your Light Body will remain in quarantine from being able to travel to outside of the Milky Way Galaxy without a spaceship authorized by The Ashtar Command and The Galactic Federation of Light.

The Four Domains (God Worlds) of Creation

Within all of creation, there exists 4 “God Worlds” or Domains:

  1. Outer Creation: DD1 – DD5 aka the Space-Time Continuum
  2. Middle Creation: DD6 – DD8 aka Source Vibration or the Yin Dark Matter/Gaia Sa Nuy Matrix (HU6)
  3. Inner Creation: DD9 – DD13 aka The Electric Sphere of Creation
  4. The Core of Creation: DD14 – DD15 aka The Universal Conduit

The God Worlds of the Outer Domain or manifest worlds (where we reside) emerge from the Middle Domain, and the Middle Domains emerge from the Inner Domains (Inner Hub Worlds) which in turn emerge from the Core of Creation. This is a movement in and out from the Core of Creation as opposed to the up and down movement within our Star Gates.

Middle Creation – Source Vibration
The Yin Dark Matter/Yunasai Energy Matrix (HU6)

Matter, anti-matter, and all subatomic particles are made up of individualized “God Particles” known as Partiki. Partiki originates from the 18D/8DD Void of HU6 and splits up into Partika and Particum. Partika ascends and descends in vibration as the Breath of Intelligence of Ascended Master Alpha. Particum ascends and descends in vibration as Tiny Particles of Substance of Ascended Master Omega. More information about the Ascended Masters can be found on this link ( Due to Partiki Phasing, through which each Partiki creates a Particum (PCM) and a parallel Partika (PKA) unit, each of the God Worlds has a Particum side as well as a parallel (at 90°) Partika side. Figure A is the depiction of the densities of Source Vibration.

Figure A: The Gaia Sa Nuy Matrix of Alpha and Omega
Figure A: The Gaia Sa Nuy Matrix of Alpha and Omega

The Kumara/Rishi Matrices of Outer and Inner Creation (HU5/HU5*)

Figures B and C depict the permutations of the Holy Trinity within the Milky Way Galaxy (Father/Mother, Son, Holy Spirit) of Outer Creation and the Andromeda Galaxy (Father/Mother, Daughter, Mother/Daughter) of Inner Creation.

Figure B: HU5 Rishi Matrix – Milky Way Galaxy
Figure C: HU5 Rishi Matrix – Andromeda Galaxy


Outer Creation – Matter Vibration:
The Space-Time Continuum (HU1 – HU5)

The space-time continuum is arguably where all the fun is at in experiencing consciousness. It is where we get to experience consciousness as manifest physical/matter form with all our senses. As of now, science only recognizes the 5 senses and some of us already have our 6th sense (third eye) where in actuality the fully awakened Human Angelic Light Body has a capacity of up to 111 senses.

There are 3 abstractions of the projections of the five dimensions of Outer Creation:

  • Euclidean Geometric Projection
    • 1st dimension: The x-axis spatial dimension
    • 2nd dimension: The y-axis spatial dimension
    • 3rd dimension: The z-axis spatial dimension
    • 4th dimension: The t-axial linear time dimension as the 4th dimension of space
    • 5th dimension: Raw geometric consciousness via scalar grids and brain waves
  • Merkabah Angelic Projection
    • 1D: linear trajectory (wavy/straight lines across the 4 spatial dimensions of the space-time continuum)
    • 2D: templatic formulations (pictures, letters, symbols, templates, etc.)
    • 3D: interfacing with “Void Consciousness” (Yin Dark Matter/Yunasai Energy Matrix)
    • 4D: matter/anti-matter manifestation/destruction
    • 5D: Raw angelic consciousness via scalar grids and brain waves
  • Chakra Polarity Consciousness Projection
    • 1D (HU1): Root Chakra – Subconscious Mind (+Life/-Death)
    • 2D (HU2): Sacral Chakra – Emotional/Instinctual Mind (+Curiosity/-Misadventure)
    • 3D (HU3): Solar Plexus Chakra – Reasoning Mind (+Purpose/-Lack of Trust)
    • 4D (HU4): Heart Chakra – Astral Mind (+Dreams/-Delusions)
    • 5D (HU5): Throat Chakra – Archetypal Mind (+Mission Orientation/-Mandates)

Inner Creation – Colloidal Anti-Matter Vibration:
The Electric Sphere of Creation (HU1* – HU5*)

Inner Creation is where anti-matter based atomic elements and their corresponding consciousness reside. They exist as pure light and have no magnetism/solidarity like matter particles do. The purpose of Inner Creation is to down-step the consciousness and intelligence of matter particles into the space-time continuum. In the Universe, Inner Creation resides solely in the Andromeda Galaxy, but it is not what it appears to the naked eye. We see the Andromeda Galaxy as its own twin galaxy of the Milky Way because we are perceiving it from within the space-time continuum. In actuality, the Andromeda Galaxy (Inner Creation) is a conscious manifestation perceived as particles of anti-matter traveling at light speed as electrical current across a network of spinning Kathara Grids as depicted in figure D that iconifies itself visually as holographic imprints for each Avatar race and their corresponding racial expressions. The best model on how Inner Creation looks like is that of a plasma globe depicted in figure E.

Figure D: Our Parallel Eckasha-Aah 1st God-World of Creation
Figure E: A Plasma Globe Depicting Inner Creation


The Core of Creation – The Universal
Conduit of Intelligence (DD14 – DD15)

This is the level of vibrational dimensional densities where Partiki and their corresponding Partika particles work together to downstep Particum into matter and anti-matter manifestations. As depicted in Figure A, Partiki bilaterally gives and receives the intelligence (monads) to phase in and out into Partika/Particum from DD8 via the 9th Dimension of Inner Creation and in and out physically via Stargates from DD8 via the 7th and 6th Dimensions of HU6 into the space-time continuum of Outer Creation. Figure F depicts the dimensional down-stepping of the 12 lower dimensions.

Figure F: The 12 Lower Dimensions


The Purpose of Harmonic Universe Consciousness and Gestalt Identities

Here is the purpose behind the functionality of the dimensionalization structure of our 15D Universal Time Matrix:

Consciousness That’s Polarized By Gestalts onto Individual Souls

HU1 (1D-3D) @ 1D/13D*: Incarnate Matrix (Personal Logos): 1D = Soul Essences Spawned by the Soul’s Subconscious Mind and 13D = Soul’s Ascended Master Gestalt Identities Embodied by the Soul’s Particum Mind – In our case HU1 Earth (Sophia)

HU2 (4D-6D) @ 2D/12D*: Soul Matrix (Collective Logos): 2D = Soul’s Avataric Archetypes Spawned by the Soul’s Emotional Mind and 12D = Soul’s Racial Avatar Gestalt Identities Embodied by the Soul’s Nirvanic/Christiac Minds (Nirvanic Polarization Frequency Hub and Transient Mind Frequencies When Christening New Avatars of the Soul) – In our case HU2 Earth (Tara + Urantia)

HU3 (7D-9D) @ 3D/11D*: Oversoul Matrix (Planetary Logos): Soul’s Domain of Habitats, Games, and Explorations (Local Universes) Spawned by the Soul’s 3D Rational Mind and Embodied by the Soul’s 11D Buddhiac/Nirvanic Minds (Buddhiac Planetary Law and Nirvanic Planetary Evolution of the Local Universes) – In our case HU3 Earth (Gaia)

Consciousness That’s Polarized By Souls onto Individual Gestalts

HU4 (10D-12D) @ 4D/10D*: Avatar Matrix (Solar Logos): The Divine Blueprints of the Avatars Spawned by the Soul’s 4D Astral Mind and Embodied by the Soul’s 10D Christiac/Buddhiac Minds (Manifesting Christ Consciousness and Procuring the Evolution of the Avatars via Buddhiac Conditioning)

HU5 (13D-15D) @ 5D/9D*: Rishi Matrix (Universal/Cosmic Logos): The Divine Blueprints of the Local Universes Within the Cosmos Spawned by the Melchizedek Soul’s 5D Archetypal Mind and Embodied by the Melchizedek Soul’s 9D Galactic/Keriatric Mind (The Melchizedek Soul’s Archetype Embody His/Her Own Local Universe Within the Cosmos and Vice Versa)

HU1*/HU5* @ 9D*/13D*: Ascended Master and Its Local Universe Identity Aggregation and Refinement

HU2*/HU4* @ 10D*/12D*: Avatar Identity and Its Reality Domain Aggregation and Refinement

HU3* @ 11D*: The Locational Domain (World) of the Respective Active Reality Matrix

The 144,000 Chosen Ones

The “144,000 Chosen Ones” mentioned in the Book of Revelation of the Bible refers to the collection of Ophanim (aka Thrones), Cherubim, Seraphim, and Sephiroth Angels that will aid Gaia in its ascension. The way this works is by them permanently sealing the timelines of the Archonian evolutionary grid via the process of Incension and then procuring the Krystic Expansion of the Organic Tree of Life in accordance with the Planetary Stargate Firing Sequence. Here are the steps of this process.

  • (2) Stargate 4: March 3 2018 by Archangel JoPhiEL and Archangel ChaMuEL
  • (2) Stargate 6: June 12 2018 by The Divine Father and The Divine Mother
  • (4) Stargate 3: Lightworkers and date TBD
  • (8) Stargate 18: Lightworkers and date TBD
  • (16) Stargate 16: Lightworkers and date TBD
  • (32) Stargate 15: Lightworkers and date TBD
  • (64) Stargate 14: Lightworkers and date TBD
  • (128) Stargate 13: Lightworkers and date TBD
  • (256) Stargate 12: Lightworkers and date TBD
  • (512) Stargate 10: Lightworkers and date TBD
  • (1,024) Stargate 8: Lightworkers and date TBD
  • (2,048) Stargate 5: Lightworkers and date TBD
  • (4,096) Stargate 2: Lightworkers and date TBD
  • (8,192) Stargate 1: Lightworkers and date TBD
  • (16,384) Stargate 7: Lightworkers and date TBD
  • (32,768) Stargate 9: Lightworkers and date TBD
  • (65,536) Stargate 11: Lightworkers and date TBD
  • (131,072) Stargate 17 aka “THE INPHINITH SEAL”: December 24 2018

For those that are reading this article, it is highly likely that you and/or someone you know are “A Chosen One”. In order to prepare for this endeavor, you’ll need to activate your Kundalini Serpent Light Body fully via the steps outlined in this technique ( After you’ve completed this process, you’ll instinctively know how you’ll be participating in Gaia’s glorious ascension if you are indeed one of The Chosen Ones!

I wish you well on your personal ascension journey. See you all on the other side of the Matrix!

Forever yours and always in loving service,

-Chung Way Lao
Ascending Master Maitreya’s White Cloud
High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek