Nostradamus Predictions (2020-2027)


Letter to his son Cesar

Under the shadowy pretense of removing servitude [NERDS], He will himself usurp the people and city [New York City]: He will do worse because of the deceit of the young prostitute, Delivered in the field reading the false poem. -Nostradamus (Century V Quatrain 5)

He will be born of the gulf and unmeasured city [Hong Kong], Born of obscure and dark family [family drama and occult religious rituals]: He who the revered power of the great King [?] Will want to destroy through Rouen [Stark] and Evreux [The Cohen Brothers]. -Nostradamus (Century V Quatrain 84)

Through the power of 3 temporal kings [Christof Melchizedek, LORD Sananda, LORDESS Shekinah] The sacred seat will be put in another place [LORD Ashtar]. Where the substance of the body and the spirit [Auroric Field Merkabah], Will be restored and received as the true seat. -Nostradamus (Century VIII Quatrain 99)

There will be peace, union and change, Estates, offices, low high and high very low. To prepare a trip [retirement of parents], the first offspring [of parents] torment, War to cease, civil process, debates. -Nostradamus (Century IX Quatrain 66)

Ignorant envy upheld before the great King [MAITREYAHWEH], He will propose forbidding the writings [Protocols of Alpha and Omega et. al.]: His wife [?] not his wife tempted by another [?]: Twice two more [Guy Robert Cohen & Angelina Jolie, Criss Angel & Christe Vaughn Bronikowski] neither strong or weak. -Nostradamus (Century X Quatrain 27)

Through the fifth one [THE FIFTH BUDDHA – MAITREYAHWEH] and a great Hercules [?] They will come to open the temple by hand of war: One Clement, Julius and Ascanius set back, The sword, key, eagle, never was there such a great animosity. -Nostradamus (Century X Quatrain 27)

Long awaited he will never return in Europe, he [MAITREYAHWEH] will appear in Asia. One of the league issued from great Hermes, he will grow above all other powers in the Orient -Nostradamus (Century X Quatrain 27)

The year of the great Seventh number [20172023] accomplished [Mars in Aries], It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter [WWIII / NaRF / End Game]. Not far from the age of the great Millennium [The Golden Age – 2027], When the dead will come out of their graves [resurrection]. -Nostradamus (Century X Quatrain 74)

Nephew and blood [Allah] of the new saint come, Through the surname he will sustain arches and roof. They [terrorists] will be driven out put to death chased nude, Into red and black [clothing] will they convert their green [military uniforms]. -Nostradamus (Century X Quatrain 30)

The city of liberty [New York City] made servile, Made the asylum of profligates and dreamers. The King [Mayor] changed to them not so violent, From one hundred [108] become more than a thousand [Universal Founder Ascended Masters]. -Nostradamus (Century IV Quatrain 16)

In the world there will be made a king, Who will have little peace and a short life. At this time the ship of the Papacy will be lost, Governed to its greatest detriment. -Nostradamus (Century I Quatrain 4)

The leader who will conduct great numbers of people, Far from their skies, to foreign customs and language. Five thousand will die in Crete and Thessaly, The leader fleeing in a sea going supply ship. -Nostradamus (Century I Quatrain 98)

Under one man peace will be proclaimed everywhere, But not long after will be looting and rebellion. Because of a refusal, town, land and sea will be broached, About a third of a million dead or captured. -Nostradamus (Century I Quatrain 92)

The great king [MAITREYAHWEH] will join, With two kings [SANAT KUMARA & EL MORYA], united in friendship. How the great household [Chohan, Cherubim, Seraphim and Sephiroth] will sigh, Around Narbon [LORD Ashtar] what pity for the children [victims of the fuckin pedophiles]. -Nostradamus (Century I Quatrain 99)

The body without soul [minions] no longer to be sacrificed, Day of death put for birthday [Bhardoah Ascension]. The divine spirit will make the soul happy, Seeing the word in its eternity. -Nostradamus (Century II Quatrain 13)

The divine word will give to the sustenance, Including heaven, earth, gold hidden in the mystic milk [Ormus Elixirs]. Body, soul, spirit having all power, As much under its feet as the Heavenly see. -Nostradamus (Century III Quatrain 2)

The Augur [Pope Francis] putting his hand upon the head of the King, Will come to pray for the peace of Italy. He will come to move the scepter to his left hand, From King he will become pacific Emperor. -Nostradamus (Century V Quatrain 6)

The law of the Sun [Ra] and of Venus [Lilith] in strife, Appropriating the spirit of prophecy. Neither the one nor the other will be understood, The law of the great Messiah(s) [Shekinah, Sananda, Archangel Uriel, Kannon Bosatsu] will hold through the Sun. -Nostradamus (Century V Quatrain 53)

Chief of the world will the great Chyrens [Chinese sirens], Plus Ultra behind, loved, feared, dreaded. His Their fame and praise will go beyond the heavens, And with the sole title of Victor will he they be quite satisfied. -Nostradamus (Century VI Quatrain 70)


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