Divine Intention Ormus by Toni Taylor

Chemically, Ormus is supposed to be precious metals (gold, platinum, iridium, etc.) in an exotic state of matter, where the metals do not form any bonds or crystals but exist as separate single atoms. At the same time, it is supposedly the material that the soul (or the life force) of all organisms is made of; an “essence of life”. When mixed with water, “it forms a gelatinous suspension that looks just like semen.”

Here’s a selection of what Ormus can supposedly do:

·Cure all forms of disease, including cancer and AIDS
·Correct errors in the DNA
·Act as a superconductor
·Emit gamma radiation
·Partially levitate in the Earth’s magnetic field
·Read a person’s mind
·Have a “weigh-ability” different from mass, which probably means an inertial mass different from the gravitational mass
·Be fused into a transparent glass
·Act as a flash powder, causing “explosions of light”
·Make severed cat tails grow back

*All of these claims cannot be scientifically verified of course, but I have yet to see ANY negative feedback about anyone who has taken Ormus.

Small Jar of Toni's Ormus
Small Jar of Toni's Ormus
Small Jar of Toni's Divine Intention Ormus (shipping included)
Large Jar of Toni's Ormus
Large Jar of Toni's Ormus
Large Jar of Toni's Divine Intention Ormus (shipping included)

A small jar will last 4-6 months. You only need about 1/8 tsp. per day or every other day.

All Ormus are made with dead sea salts, distilled water, and washing soda (baking soda without the aluminum). ABSOLUTELY NO LYE IS USED!!!!

All Ormus are procured using specific DIVINE INTENTIONS, and those can be specifically requested per individual if needed, charged by the sun and the moon, and several crystals throughout multiple days. It takes about a week for each batch of Ormus to be made.

Please contact Toni (tnoahsark@comcast.net) for more information.

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