Sessions and Products by April Arcturian

Standard Healing Session – $88
In a standard 1 hour healing session I will clear and balance your current energy field. This includes clearing all blockages in your chakras, repairing the auric bodies, and removing any demonic entity attachments, leaving you feeling refreshed and balanced.

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Personalized Healing Session – $144
In a personalized healing session I can contact your spirit/angel team to receive the exact healing modalities that you need for what specific things you want and/or need to be healed. This includes modalities such as past life healing, etheric cord repair/removal, galactic upgrades from the Arcturian Council, or demonic entity removal, in addition to everything else that is included in a standard session. This session is for maximum healing benefits.

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Etheric Cord Cutting/Repairing – $35
We develop an etheric cord to anyone we form any sort of connection to. When a relationship ends, a form of relief can occur by removing the etheric cord. You can also repair damaged cords to strengthen a relationship.

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Psychic Attack Investigation/Interrogation/Disintegration
Level-1 ($22): I will rise up to the higher dimensions in the crystalline layer to see where/what is psychically attacking you.

Level-2 ($66 = $22 + $44): This includes Level-1. If you’re under psychic attack, I will then interrogate the being who is psychically attacking you and ask why they are doing it and give you a detailed report.

Level-3 ($156 = $22 + $44 + $90): This includes Level-1 and Level-2. I’ll disintegrate the psychic attack from ever happening again and heal the damage that the attack had caused. I will also detach any remaining and future cords you’ll ever have with the entity that psychically attacked you and perhaps even nullify their psychic attack/dark magick capabilities if approved by the Council of Nine (aka The White Winged Collective Consciosuness of Nine).

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Quantum Leap Into Your Dreams – Cost Depends on Individual Needs
This 6 month coaching program offers as many personalized healing sessions as needed, as well as teaching you how to communicate directly to your higher self and guides. I will also attune you to reiki and teach you about your unique healing gifts to be able to start healing yourself and others. I will also provide amazing mindset techniques to manifest whatever you desire and coach you into becoming the best you that you can become. You will discover more purpose to life and be able to connect to your angels and guides.

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Marigold Miracle Healing Cream – $22
This 4oz jar of organic healing cream is charged with my powerful healing energy and heals EVERYTHING skin related including burns, cuts, scrapes, bites, etc.

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